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The Complete UK Guide to Rehab Abroad

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Many Brits who seek addiction treatment opt for rehab centres outside the UK. 

What are the reasons for that? What benefits do abroad rehab centres offer over UK facilities? How do you choose the best rehab abroad, and what is the cost of addiction treatment programmes in abroad centres? 

If you’re considering a rehabilitation centre outside the UK, this guide has all the answers you need to make an informed decision.

The State of Addiction Treatment in the UK

As the awareness surrounding addiction in the UK increases, so does the number of people seeking professional treatment. Indeed, through 2021 and 2022, over 130,000 adult Brits (over 18 years old) entered addiction treatment, while almost 290,000 were in contact with drug and alcohol services. 

This shows that more people in the UK are becoming aware of their substance abuse-related problems. These numbers, however, are still significantly lower than the actual number of people struggling with substance abuse and dependencies. 

For example, of an estimated 602,000 dependent drinkers in the UK, only 18% receive treatment. The same goes for drug misuse and addiction, where the actual number of people addicted exceeds those in treatment. For instance, of an estimated 360,000 people addicted to opioids, approximately 39% are in treatment (around 140,000).

There’s also an increasing issue of behavioural addictions. For example, gambling dependency is one of the most worrying problems in the UK, with approximately 246,000 people (almost 0.5% of the UK’s population) being problem gamblers. And again, only a fraction is receiving professional treatment. 

What are the reasons for that? One is undoubtedly the social stigma surrounding the topic of substance abuse and behavioural addiction. The second is the cost of treatment in the UK, which usually starts from £10,000 for a 28-day treatment programme. However, More comprehensive rehab centres can charge as much as £50,000 for a treatment cycle. 

This is why many people from the UK seek drug or alcohol rehab abroad. But, of course, many more factors come into play in making the choice of going to rehab outside the UK. 

Why Do Brits Seek Addiction Treatment Abroad?

With more and more people from the UK seeking rehab abroad, it’s not surprising you’re also considering taking that step. But why do so many Brits opt for a stay in an abroad rehab centre rather than in a UK facility? 

Let’s go through some of the most significant benefits of going to rehab abroad:

Removal from Triggers and Change of Scenery

Travelling abroad always opens the door to escaping your everyday life. And if that life involves struggling with addiction, going to rehab abroad offers you the opportunity to escape from the triggers and stress factors that can hamper your treatment, especially at the early stages of your recovery.

That change of scenery is often the primary factor for Brits to choose rehab outside the UK. Even the thought of going abroad to battle your demons can work as an extra impulse, helping UK patients adapt to their new routine, place, and culture, taking their minds off triggers and factors that may cause them to relapse into their old, destructive habits. 

Higher Levels of Privacy and Confidentiality

While the awareness surrounding addiction in the UK is growing, many people still feel ashamed of their issues. That shame makes them reluctant to seek professional help as they fear it may affect their social status once their inner circle learns about their addiction. 

Going to rehab in Thailand or another country far outside the UK gives you more privacy. You can, for example, hide the true purpose of your journey to the outside world, with only your family and close friends knowing why you’re away. For people struggling with such issues, a rehab centre abroad is a true blessing. 

Opportunity to Experience a Wellness Vacation 

While UK treatment facilities often resemble hospitals or nursing homes, rehab centres in Thailand, for example, look like boutique hotels, with resort-style accommodations and access to numerous amenities, such as swimming pools or yoga studios. You tell us, which option seems more inviting? 

Indeed, staying in one of such centres feels more like being on a wellness retreat than in rehabilitation. That alone can have an incredible impact on your treatment, creating an illusion of a peaceful vacation in an exotic country, which can significantly reduce the stress and anxiety many people experience when going to rehab. 

Better Value for Money

Another advantage of rehab centres abroad is that they are more affordable than UK facilities. Is that true, though? Yes and no. 

Everything depends on the country you want to start your rehab in. For example, rehab centres in Switzerland or the United States will charge the same, if not more, for their treatment programmes as UK centres. On the other hand, rehab centres in Thailand, such as The Dawn, offer the same quality of service as the best Western facilities for a fraction of their charged fees. 

Therefore, by opting for rehab in Thailand, you can get more comprehensive treatment and support while paying much less than you’d have to if you stayed in Europe. 

Chiang Mai Thailand

Most Popular Rehab Destinations Outside the UK

There are many rehab options outside the UK. The most popular destinations include Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Indonesia, and Thailand. 

Centres in Europe are, of course, primary options for those who don’t want to travel too far from the islands. However, Eastern destinations, such as Thailand or Nepal, are becoming more popular, with Thailand holding the mantle of the ultimate rehab destination.

One of the critical reasons for that is the cost. Thai rehab centres, such as The Dawn, offer top-quality care, private accommodation, comprehensive therapy add-ons, and access to multiple on-site amenities for a much lower price than European or US centres. Furthermore, travelling to Thailand adds that thrill of adventure to your treatment experience, allowing you to fully embrace the new culture and focus on your recovery.  

Indeed, in the past few years, Thailand has experienced a massive influx of people not just from the UK but all over the world seeking professional yet affordable addiction treatment. Moreover, this growing trend will only continue as the awareness surrounding addiction and mental health increases. 

How Much Does a Rehab Abroad Cost?

Although it heavily depends on the country where the rehab centre is located, you can expect to pay much less for your treatment outside the UK. But how much exactly does a rehab abroad cost? 

Well, if we’re talking Western facilities, for instance, in Europe or the US, the costs will oscillate around those charged by UK centres – between £10,000 and £50,000 on average. To that, you’ll also need to add the costs of travelling to another country, which can be too substantial an expense for most Brits. 

The story is entirely different for rehab centres in Thailand or other Eastern countries. The Dawn Rehab Centre, located in the riverfront sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand, offers the same, if not higher, level of treatment as Western rehab centres at a much lower cost. 

When staying at our boutique facility, you can expect to pay as little as 1/2 of the price charged by Western treatment centres. Furthermore, it’s an all-inclusive price that includes an individual treatment programme, accommodation, access to multiple on-site amenities, excursions, meals, and after-treatment care. 

How can we offer such a low price without compromising the quality of treatment? The answer is the low cost of living in Thailand. Because of that, we can hire top addiction and mental health specialists for a fraction of the cost without them sacrificing their quality of life.

How to Find the Best Rehab Centre Abroad?

As discussed, going to rehab abroad can be a much better option than receiving treatment in the UK. Of course, that may not be true for all, but if you believe that a rehab overseas can be more beneficial in your case, the next step is to find the best rehab centre. 

When it comes to that, it’s best to consider five key factors – available treatment options, location, licensing, amenities, and pricing. We’ve already covered the pricing factor, so let’s focus on the remaining four.

Available Treatment Options

The primary consideration is whether an abroad rehab centre offers an appropriate treatment option for your case. Not all rehab centres are created equal, with some focusing on drug addiction, some on alcohol use disorder, and others on behavioural addictions. Therefore, choosing the facility that provides treatment for your disorder is imperative. 

That is one of the many reasons why The Dawn is such a popular destination among Brits seeking help in Thailand. At our resort-style and tranquil Chiang Mai facility, we treat all forms of addiction and co-occurring disorders, providing our patients with comprehensive treatment programmes tailored to their individual circumstances. 

Our treatment programmes include:

  • Alcohol addiction treatment that includes two stages – medically supervised alcohol detox and addiction treatment supported by holistic therapy;
  • Drug addiction programme, which involves supervised detox, drug addiction therapy and wellness therapy. We help treat:
    • Amphetamine addiction
    • Cocaine addiction
    • Ecstasy addiction
    • Heroin addiction
    • Ketamine addiction
    • Ice addiction
    • Marijuana addiction
    • Prescription drug addiction
  • Behavioural addiction treatment, which combines cognitive behavioural addiction treatment with holistic wellness therapy. We provide treatments for:
    • Food addiction
    • Gambling addiction
    • Sex addiction
    • Internet addiction

Mental health retreat, where we tackle mental health issues often accompanying addiction disorders. Our mental wellness programmes include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Executive burnout
  • Insomnia
  • Mood disorder
  • PTSD
  • Personality disorder


While it makes more logistical sense to seek rehab abroad closer to the UK, for instance, Spain or Portugal, Thailand offers benefits that European centres cannot match. 

First of all, Thailand rehab centres offer much more luxurious accommodation at a much lower cost (The Dawn is the perfect example here). Also, that lower pricing makes travelling to Thailand much more cost-effective. 

Secondly, many leading Western addiction and mental health specialists have settled in Thailand, which allows Thai centres like The Dawn to offer a quality of treatment that not only matches but exceeds that provided in the UK and other Western facilities. 

And last but not least, Thailand offers UK patients an entirely new cultural and spiritual experience. It makes spending your time here feel more than just a rehab. It’s more like a journey into your soul, which allows you to rediscover yourself and begin a new, exciting chapter in your life. 

Accommodation and On-Premise Amenities

Location is just one aspect to consider; another crucial factor is what awaits you once you arrive. Southeast Asian rehab centres offer a notable advantage over their UK and European counterparts, providing more luxurious yet affordable accommodation and amenities. 

Take, for example, The Dawn’s international rehab centre, situated in a boutique complex nestled amidst lush riverside lawns. Our resort-style lodgings and facilities create a serene and captivating environment that fosters physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Each patient enjoys a private room with a king-size bed, a functional work desk, a flat-screen television, a balcony, and daily housekeeping services, among other amenities.

Furthermore, our patients are granted complimentary access to our comprehensive onsite amenities, including a massage studio, group therapy rooms, a well-equipped gym, a pristine swimming pool, a recreational area, and a yoga studio.

Licensing & Staff Qualifications

Clinical and medical professionals working with individuals dealing with addiction must possess a unique skill set, knowledge base, and, perhaps most importantly, a compassionate approach. This underscores the critical importance of carefully considering the individuals who will oversee your treatment program when seeking addiction treatment abroad.

When you select The Dawn for your treatment, you can have absolute confidence that you will be in the care of exceptionally experienced, well-informed, and deeply empathetic medical and clinical experts. The majority of our team members have received their education and training from renowned institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.

Our multidisciplinary team comprises clinical and medical specialists with diverse areas of expertise, encompassing mental health disorders, addiction, and trauma. Our patients receive care from a range of professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, and social workers. Moreover, our medical and support personnel are available around the clock, ensuring that our patients can always seek assistance during their stay.

Overcoming the Doubts at The Dawn Chiang Mai

Overcoming the Doubts

We know that choosing to go to rehab abroad can be overwhelming. Even if you lean toward travelling to Thailand or another country to start your treatment, it’s more than likely you still have some doubts about travelling far from the UK to undergo perhaps one of the most challenging experiences of your life.

Here are some of the most common concerns our patients had before travelling to our Chiang Mai facility:

  • Potentially lower quality of service.
    Many people from the UK worry that lower-priced rehabs overseas indicate a lower quality of treatment. While it may be true for some rehab centres, The Dawn offers a complex and professional approach to addiction treatment, offering its patients top-quality individual treatment programmes crafted by renowned specialists along with comprehensive on-site medical care. 
  • Cultural and language barriers.
    As a licensed international rehab centre, The Dawn caters to all cultural and linguistic needs of its patients. All staff members speak English and approach each patient individually, ensuring you get the best care possible, tailored to your needs, personality, and culture. 
  • Limited contact with the outside world.
    Although we’ll take you physically from your UK home, you’ll be able to communicate with your loved ones freely, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your treatment. 
  • Travelling costs.
    Spending money travelling to a different country to undergo treatment is a major concern among Brits choosing overseas rehab centres. However, given the significantly lower price of treatment available in Thai facilities, it can still cost much less to travel to Thailand, undergo your treatment programme, and return to the UK. And while we don’t cover travelling costs at The Dawn, we support flying our clients into the country and driving them to our rehab centre. 
  • Lack of insurance coverage.
    Many Brits worry that their insurance policy won’t cover the cost of rehab abroad. Well, that depends on your provider. Most respected UK insurance companies will happily cover your stay at an overseas rehab centre, such as The Dawn. On the other hand, some providers may only offer full coverage for rehab centres within the UK, so be sure to double-check that with your insurer. 

Also, if you have any more questions or concerns regarding going to rehab in Thailand, feel free to contact us anytime. Our team will be more than happy to help and dispel any doubts you may still have. 

Start Your Road to Recovery with The Dawn Wellness Centre and Rehab Thailand

All things considered, going to rehab abroad offers people from the UK numerous benefits UK facilities cannot provide. Overseas rehab centres allow Brits to focus on their treatment without triggers or stressors while providing them more privacy and better value for money. 

Of course, to take advantage of these benefits, one must find the best possible rehab centre. And when it comes to that, The Dawn Rehab remains the #1 Thai destination among people from the UK seeking professional and top-quality addiction treatment. 

As Asia’s accredited international treatment centre with separate programmes for addiction rehab and mental health treatment, The Dawn has helped hundreds of individuals retake control of their lives. 

And while we understand that travelling to our Chiang Mai facility from the UK may be stressful, The Dawn Rehab is the best place to overcome your problem and begin your road to full recovery. The new dawn in your life awaits. Are you brave enough to grab it?

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