For many of the 240 million people worldwide who struggle with addiction, even acknowledging that they have a problem is a daunting prospect. Denial is an inherent part of this disorder, and while you’re in its midst, it can be difficult to see how far it’s throwing your life off balance. With the support of our compassionate staff and comprehensive addiction treatment programme, you’ll be able to understand the ways in which your addiction has been affecting you, your life’s work and the people you love. We’ll give you the tools you need to repair the damage it’s done, and confidently manage your life without the use of drugs and alcohol going forward.

The Dawn’s Addiction Treatment Services Include

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Because alcohol is widely socially acceptable, unhealthy drinking behaviours often go unnoticed for some time. Common signs of alcoholism include drinking more than you intend to on a regular basis, failed attempts to stop drinking, an increased alcohol tolerance, neglecting responsibilities because of alcohol use and feeling uncomfortable when you’re unable to drink. Though high-functioning alcoholism often leads people to believe their drinking isn’t a problem, alcohol abuse is very unsafe and can lead to physical injuries, health complications and interpersonal issues.


Addiction treatment in Thailand at The Dawn includes a medical check up prior to treatment
Mindfulness class - a holistic element of The Dawn's drug and alcohol treatment programme

Alcohol Detox

Withdrawing from alcohol can be dangerous and even life-threatening, which is why supervised detox is recommended for those with alcohol dependency. We’ll conduct an initial assessment to determine whether or not detox is necessary in your situation. After this essential first step of clearing your body of the presence of alcohol, you’ll be ready to begin alcohol addiction treatment.


Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is a chronic, relapsing disorder that involves compulsive drug-seeking and drug use despite its undesirable effects on your life. Drug addiction changes your brain’s function and structure, which can make it incredibly difficult to stop using without help. Many people who try to quit eventually end up relapsing without proper treatment, education and aftercare.


Massage therapy - a holistic element of The Dawn's drug and alcohol treatment programme
Client having a private boxing session at The Dawn Rehab in Thailand

Drug Detox

For people who are chemically dependent, have been using for a long time, or are using substances like opioids or benzodiazepines, medically supervised detox is required to safely come off of drugs before beginning addiction treatment. Withdrawals from these substances can be dangerous and uncomfortable, and are a major cause of relapse. At The Dawn, our caring medical team will monitor your detox process closely and make sure you’re safe, supported and comfortable throughout the entire process.


Behavioural Addiction Treatment

Addiction to processes like eating, sex, gambling and internet-based activities can have consequences as serious as those of drug addiction. These compulsive behaviours can damage your health, relationships, finances and professional life. Unhealthy patterns change the way your brain functions, and stopping them is more than a matter of mere willpower – which is why comprehensive, professional treatment is necessary to understand and correct them.


Art therapy class - a holistic element of The Dawn's drug and alcohol treatment programme
Healthy local Thai meals for clients at The Dawn Rehab in Thailand

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnoses, or co-occurring disorders, are when addiction occurs alongside a psychological disorder such as anxiety or depression. It’s crucial for people with dual diagnoses to receive treatment that carefully addresses both disorders, since neglecting to focus on one or the other ultimately makes treatment ineffective.