Online Aftercare Support and Relapse Prevention

The key to success for any drug and alcohol treatment programme lies not only in the detoxification and counselling process but also in the ongoing care services and support that are available post-treatment. The Dawn offers a structured online aftercare support to provide you with the care and guidance to overcome your addiction.

The Dawn’s aftercare support programme is designed to cater to each client, regardless of the specific addiction or where she or he hails from. While we primarily cater to international customers, our ongoing care programme is internet linked so that you can continue your personal growth after treatment from the comfort of your own home. Follow up after treatment allows for the option of either joining our group counselling or, alternatively, individual sessions. Both of these options are conducted online and utilise video technology for virtual face-to-face counselling sessions.

Top-Rated Addiction Specialist

Our highly certified clinical team has decades of experience treating all forms of addictions.

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We offer the highest quality care and service to ensure all clients are well supported.


We offer a structured online aftercare support to provide you with the care and guidance to overcome your addiction.

At The Dawn, we aim for long-term recovery and success

Online Group Sessions

Our group counselling sessions contain a maximum of eight participants with all persons being able to converse and interact with each other. A counsellor is also present in each session to facilitate discussion, check clients’ progress and provide answers to inevitable questions that will arise. The Dawn values group therapy as a key mechanism to solidifying the progress that clients have made and keep them on the right track to living a healthy and happy existence.

Group counselling is available at designated times throughout the week and during the early mornings and late afternoons. This is done in a specific attempt to cater to the different time zones in which our clients reside. While our group counselling sessions are offered free of charge, they are restricted to former clients of The Dawn only. Former clients have access to this complimentary service for a period of eight weeks.

Online Individual Sessions

Individual counselling is offered to clients who may not feel comfortable participating in group therapy. Individual counselling is also appropriate for those who require a little extra support or are unable to join group counselling due to scheduling issues. Our individual sessions can be organised any day of the week and are subject to an additional charge.

Both of our ongoing aftercare support options ensure that your treatment and support do not cease the moment you leave The Dawn. Our counsellors remain committed to your personal growth and to providing you the support you require, wherever in the world you may be. Not only will you have the support of our trained staff, but our video conferencing will allow you to interact with your peers in an informal and supportive structure.

Strong Support, Dedication, and Care

Family Programme

Educational workshops plus intensive 3-day programme

Online Aftercare Support

Individual and group sessions for 8 weeks and ongoing

Relapse Prevention

Weekly AA and NA meetings access plus 90-min sessions post-treatment

Dedicated Support Staff

1:1 Staff ratio including with staff in recovery

One-on-one counselling

Exclusive and personalised program

24-7 Medical Support

Licensed medical staff and detox facility


Relapse Prevention

Combating addiction is a process that requires work, support and guidance over a long period of time. To achieve this goal, our dedicated staff will help you identify coping mechanisms and manage the triggers that will inevitably come your way. By understanding the elements that push you towards drugs and alcohol, you will be well equipped to squash these urges as they arise.

At The Dawn, we help you develop your own relapse prevention plan, specifically designed to prepare you for situations where relapse might be a temptation. Not only will it provide a strong foundation for your long-term recovery, but you will also learn to practice mindfulness and create routines for a healthy lifestyle.

The main treatments utilised during a stay at The Dawn are designed to provide opportunities for clients to better understand and identify their warning signs and triggers, empowering them to intervene early and avoid a relapse.

After Care Support - Alumni
After Care Support - Alumni
After Care Support - Alumni
After Care Support - Alumni
After Care Support - Alumni

Alumni Community and Peer Support

Once our clients complete their programme, they become part of our Alumni Community. Many of them volunteer to work closely alongside our current staff and other counselling specialists to provide peer support for new clients. This group of dedicated and passionate individuals is committed to supporting others on their own journeys to healthy and happy lives. Our Alumni Community and Peer Support Groups will often organise events, host regular meetings and provide additional support mechanisms to help others overcome their addictions in a fully supportive environment.

As a holistic drug and alcohol treatment centre, The Dawn places a strong emphasis on positive thinking and mindfulness. Through a mixture of meditation, introspection and mindfulness, clients will train their brains to produce positive thoughts – creating a sense of determination and a higher sense of self-awareness.

Managing addiction is a long-term process and requires a holistic approach grounded in counselling therapy, positive self-development and ongoing care. Following a stay at our centre, most of our clients will return home to familiar environments and challenges. In order to mitigate the risks of a relapse occurring, The Dawn will provide every client with an individualised relapse prevention plan. This plan will be used as a guidebook for self-care and to ensure that our clients have every chance of maintaining successful and happy lives well into the future.

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