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Why Do People From the UK Pick Us?

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With a growing number of Brits struggling to overcome drug and alcohol addictions – along with a surging mental health crisis and a failing NHS – more British people than ever are visiting our Thailand rehab centre.

But with no shortage of private treatment options in the UK, you would be forgiven for wondering why Dawn Rehab has become so closely affiliated with Brits in need of rehab abroad. After all, visiting rehab centres abroad requires a level of extra effort in comparison to visiting rehab centres at home, obviously.

Curious to learn why that is? Let’s take a look. 

UK Options

Relatively speaking, the UK isn’t a particularly large country. There is no such thing as a ‘long journey’ for anyone needing rehab centres within the confines of its shores. Unless that is, you hail from Northumberland and have a burning desire to seek treatment in Dorset for some unknown reason. 

In most cases, anyone looking for rehab centres in the UK will find something suitable within a couple of hours of their home. So, why do thousands of Brits shirk these local options each year in favour of a long-haul flight to our Thailand rehab centre on the other side of the planet? There must be some quite compelling reasons, you would think. 

Indeed, there are. Quite a few, actually. 

Through this blog post, we are going to take a look at the reasons why our celebrated Thailand rehab centre has become so incredibly popular with Brits from all walks of life.

To do so, we need to start with the most obvious causes: a rising tide of addiction and mental health problems in the UK that have contributed to more people than ever needing specialised treatment at rehab centres. Towards the end of this blog post, we shall look at the unique reason for our incredible popularity with Brits (the ace up our sleeve, so to speak) that truly makes our internationally renowned Thailand rehab centre, The Dawn Wellness Centre and Rehab, worth the effort of travel.

For now, let’s turn our attention to the immediate addiction and mental health issues currently gripping the UK, starting with the most common and prevalent of them all: Alcoholism. 

Alcohol Abuse in the UK

The British pub is almost a national institution – a community hub that plays an important role in British society. Everything from social gatherings to family celebrations, weddings, funerals, and even business meetings are held in the pub. 

However, there is a stark difference between “nipping out for a quick pint” and falling into the alarmingly easy trap of frequent, daily alcohol consumption. Drinking is not just confined to the pub, of course, and the pandemic has fueled a new wave of ‘home drinkers.’ As a result, more people than ever have succumbed to alcoholism of late.

It’s no huge secret that alcohol abuse has been a concern in the UK for some time, but it has reached quite alarming proportions over recent years. 

The NHS is currently underfunded, overworked, and generally stretched incredibly thin, wrestling with an ever-growing number of alcohol-related cases, from liver diseases to alcohol-induced mental health issues. 

While alcohol rehab options are abundant in the UK, waiting times can extend for months (if not years), and the holistic approach to rehab often leaves much to be desired in the private sector. The situation has only worsened of late, driving people to search for alternative, more effective solutions for their struggle with alcoholism.

As a result, our unique addiction rehab in Thailand is proving very popular with Brits.

Drug Abuse in the UK

Drug abuse has also been dramatically increasing throughout the British Isles over the last decade or two. What was once an issue associated mostly with urban pockets has spread across various demographics, and now, even previously quite peaceful areas of the countryside are seeing a spike in drug abuse numbers. 

Quintessentially British villages in the Cotswolds, the Broads of Norwich, or agricultural areas of Cornwall, Devon, and Yorkshire are now witnessing obvious signs of drug abuse. Previously idyllic coastal towns up and down the kingdom are fighting off a new wave of heroin addiction. Even the deepest areas of the Scottish Highlands are unspared, with a generation of young people now addicted to Valium and Xanax.

Opioid addiction, in particular, has become a huge problem. So much so that opioid prescriptions have been reduced by half in order to address the problem. This has only created a surge in illegally sought opioids, often containing inferior (or even deadly) ingredients.

Again, the NHS is simply unable to cope, struggling to keep up with the skyrocketing demand for specialised rehab treatment. Lengthy waiting times and a very basic approach to rehabilitation often fail to provide the tailored help drug addicts desperately need.

Rehab abroad is often the only solution for many Brits, who are benefiting from our Thailand rehab centre as an alternative.

Mental Health Issues in the UK

There has been an unprecedented increase in mental health issues plaguing the UK, made worse by the strains and stresses of the post-pandemic world.

From skyrocketing anxiety levels to climbing suicide rates, the mental health landscape of the UK has never been quite so grim. Despite their best efforts, the NHS falls short in offering timely and effective mental health treatments as they prioritise elsewhere.Again, the same issue exists: with waiting lists that seem to stretch into eternity and a long outdated approach to mental health treatment, more and more Brits find themselves seeking solace outside of the usual avenues, such as our Thailand rehab centre.

Private Rehab in the UK

Of course, private rehab facilities do exist in the UK, offering some semblance of hope for those people who can afford the often incredibly steep price of treatment. 

However, UK-based rehab centres and local mental health support options come with their own set of drawbacks that make them a less-than-ideal choice for a growing number of British people who are now turning to rehab abroad.

The commonly astronomical costs are a huge hurdle for most people, creating a financial obstacle to effective treatment, but there are other factors to consider. 

While private UK rehab centres may offer quicker access to treatment compared to the NHS, many of these facilities still employ a fairly traditional approach to addiction and mental health, limiting the range of their therapeutic efficiency. 

Creating Distance Between Yourself and Your Triggers

There is also another very powerful consideration relating to the notion of distance. By spending some time in a Thailand rehab centre, far away from the usual stressors and triggers of home, you are ‘resetting’ your addiction both psychologically and physically. 

In other words, rehab in Thailand isn’t merely a change of scenery alone; it is a very real and effective psychological reset, with a post-treatment period serving as a physical break from the cycle of triggers and behaviours back home.

Spending a little time to relax, recuperate, and explore the magical beauty of Thailand once your treatment has concluded is a far safer option than placing yourself in harm’s way in the UK during those crucial first few weeks of post-rehab.

This, in turn, creates a more profound and longer-lasting recovery. A geographical leap of sorts, leading to a new, healthier life, offering a fresh perspective.

But the truth is, none of the above would be described by most of our patients as the strongest motivation for visiting The Dawn Rehab. The chief cause of our growing popularity among Brits lies with something more unique and special – maybe even a little magical, possibly: The country of Thailand itself.

It’s All in the Smile

If you are wondering why so many people from good old Blighty are perfectly happy to fly approximately 6,000 miles to ‘The Land of Smiles’ (regardless of the motivations and qualifiers we have described above), there is a pretty good chance you haven’t visited Thailand before. 

If you had, you would already understand why Brits in need of effective treatment are putting in that extra effort to visit addiction rehab in Thailand.

Of course, we can describe in greater detail the benefits of our private residential treatment resort with clinically proven holistic treatment methods or innovative (and sometimes even groundbreaking) therapy. They are all good reasons to seek rehab abroad, and our high success rates speak to our methods.

But they are not usually the most compelling reasons that most Brits would give for journeying here. 

Again, for the majority, it is actually Thailand as a whole that many thousands of treatment-seeking Brits find so magnetising. This is a country that has so much to offer in so many broad and varied ways, and the fact is, British people absolutely adore Thailand. 

Remarkable Destination

Thailand has become a world-famous tourist destination, consistently among the top 20 in the world in terms of international tourist arrivals. But it is Brits in particular who seem to enjoy the country more than many other nationalities. Last year alone, close to one million UK citizens visited Thailand.

That’s quite an interesting statistic, given how many amazing countries there are between the UK and Thailand, all of which take far less time to travel to. Clearly, there is something special about the Kingdom of Thailand that really appeals to Brits. 

But what is more interesting is the type of people visiting from the UK. The demographic is incredibly broad, with an even range of solo travellers, couples, families with children, and more senior citizens from all backgrounds, genders, and wealth brackets. 

Rarely will you find anyone who has visited Thailand bearing even the slightest of criticism. This is a country that so rarely disappoints. A kingdom where natural beauty meets timeless tradition, a place where every sunrise feels more special than the last, in some way.

Now, that may sound like a contrived marketing blurb from a travel brochure, but it is actually a very true sentiment shared by most people. Tourists really do say things like that about Thailand. The country really is special in a highly unique way that is difficult to describe to anyone who hasn’t travelled there yet. 

The fact is, only by visiting the kingdom will you truly grasp how special it really is. The enchanting nature of Thailand is so very difficult to translate into mere words. 

And so, to the minds of many Brits in need of specialised wellness and addiction rehab in Thailand, it makes perfectly logical sense to embark on a course of treatment that is not only highly effective but is also located in a country that takes your breath away and creates a new dawn in life: promising a new beginning.

To that end, there lies the inspiration behind the name of our resort: ‘The Dawn’ Wellness Centre and Rehab is far more than just a catchy moniker. Our entire ethos is about creating a new dawn for our guests, and we have a credible track record in doing so.

Gateway to the North

But there is one final reason why The Dawn Rehab has become so popular with Brits seeking rehab abroad. Aside from our specialised, effective treatment and the fact we are based in a stunning corner of the world, another factor is our location within Thailand itself.

Venture 400 miles North of Bangkok, and you will arrive in Chiang Mai, the unofficial capital of Thailand’s culturally rich North. This region, frankly, is absolutely stunning, and our achingly beautiful resort-themed facility lies right in the heart of it, on the banks of the beautiful Ping River, slowly winding its way south of this ancient-walled city.

The region is framed with inspiring mountain ranges, most of which are adorned with glimmering golden pagodas. The temperature is slightly cooler (and far more bearable) than the scorching southern climate, and it is not unusual to see clouds of fog and mist flirting with the surrounding mountains despite the comfortable temperatures. 

Ornate Buddhist temples surround our resort, and you will often hear the sound of saffron-robed monks passing by on their way to collect alms from the cheerful, smiling, friendly locals, all of whom quite happily engage with our guests when venturing out of the facility.

Our resort is unquestionably unique; so wonderfully different from many of the dreary urban rehab centres in the UK. The fact is, you are not going to find that level of magical beauty, inspiration, or general motivation to get well, while staying at most (but certainly not all) British rehab centres. 

And so the beautiful location plays a massive role in the decision many Brits make to seek treatment with us, bearing a large factor in the motivation for journeying here. The ace up our sleeve that we referred to, earlier. 

Reach Out

We look forward to welcoming you one day so you can discover for yourself why so many people from the UK choose The Dawn for their rehab journey. 

We believe a moment may arrive – perhaps as you meditate in our tropical gardens, hearing distant monks chanting peacefully – when you’ll shift from wondering why so many Brits visit us to eventually realising, “Of course they do… why wouldn’t they.”

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our team for a chat. We’re always delighted to hear from you and are eager to assist with any inquiries you may have about a new dawn for yourself or a loved one.

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