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Two males having a mindfulness session as part of addiction treatment in Thailand

Addiction Treatment in Thailand – Why Go Overseas for Rehab?

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Thousands of people have sought addiction treatment in Thailand and subsequently regained control and gone on to enjoy healthy, happy, and abundant lives. In this article, we will look at some of the reasons why so many people have chosen Thailand as their addiction treatment destination and why it might also be the right choice for you or your loved one.

When it Comes to Treating Addiction, Don’t Limit Yourself

Addiction is often referred to as a cycle, and it takes a lot to break out of this cycle. Traveling for rehab is perhaps the best and most obvious way to introduce radical change and begin to establish new and positive behavioural patterns. People who stay within the confines of their own country greatly narrow their options for treatment which puts their recoveries in serious jeopardy. Seeking addiction treatment in Thailand, away from triggers and familiar people and situations, greatly reduces the risk of premature withdrawal from treatment and relapse.

Thailand provides a completely new and exotic setting for an addict who is seeking drug treatment and/or alcohol treatment. This novelty opens up opportunities and mindsets and encourages individuals to accept alternative treatment approaches that they may have otherwise not considered in their familiar settings. This new landscape enables individuals to build positive and healthy patterns and routines to replace the old behaviours.

Don’t wait any longer

Deciding to undergo addiction treatment in Thailand is a life-changing decision that likely took a very long time or finally getting to rock bottom for you to reach. Once you or your loved one has finally decided to take this necessary step, do you really want to wait up to three months for a place in an addiction treatment programme?

In Australia currently, the average wait time for public rehabilitation is anywhere from five weeks to three months. While it is possible to receive immediate treatment for public rehabilitation in some parts of Australia, this is usually only possible if you are deemed sick-enough to be placed directly into the programme. Otherwise, you will be placed back onto the waiting list for the next available place.

Most experts agree that there is a very short time frame where most addicts will cry out for help and acknowledge their problem, and that these periods can be few and far between. The unavailability of immediate help during these periods generally leaves the person who is seeking treatment in an endless spiral of relapse and denial, often refusing the treatment when their opportunity finally arises to attend a public rehabilitation centre.

It’s Rehab, Not Prison

Public rehabilitation is notorious in most parts of the world for being plagued with actively using addicts, and for having very poor privacy conditions, with centres sometimes housing 4-5 people per room. Additionally, due to the overpopulation issues in public programmes, rules are quite strict. While it is undeniable that certain rules and regulations should be enforced in any addiction treatment programme, often the strict mandates of public programmes can deter addicts from choosing to be admitted or cause them to rebel once they are there.

It Doesn’t Have to Break The Bank

The most popular alternative to public rehabilitation is to pay for private treatment. In Australia, private rehab can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $120,000 for a full treatment programme. Families are sometimes forced to remortgage their homes or cash in their retirement investments to get their loved ones the help that they need. Some people are even forced to cash in their inheritance, or borrow money against their assets, enslaving them into years of debt and high interest repayments. All because they simply want to get well.

Seeking addiction treatment in Thailand enables you to receive high-quality treatment at a fraction of the price of other programmes in the West.

Thailand Offers an Ideal Setting for Rehab

Thailand is currently considered the medical hub of Asia, and arguably the world. Renowned for the most state of the art hospitals and medical treatments ranging from dental and cosmetic surgery to cancer treatment, most recently Thailand has gained significant attention for an increasing number of innovative addiction treatment programmes. Thailand is also home to two major ports of call for travellers, Bangkok and Chiang Mai, with international airports that make getting here extremely convenient from locations across the globe.

Thailand physical landscape and pleasant weather year-round also provides for an environment that is highly conducive to healing and allows many opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities to complement the recovery process. It has been shown that the incorporation of physical exercise into an addiction treatment regime is vital in that is provides positive distraction and instates healthy patterns of behaviour that will support the long-term recovery process.

Addiction Treatment in Thailand at The Dawn Rehab Centre

Since Thailand is becoming a destination for addiction treatment, this means that programmes need to provide variation and innovation within their treatment models in order to best serve their expanding client base.

Located in Chiang Mai, the cultural heartland of Northern Thailand, The Dawn’s riverside residential facilities offer a peaceful sanctuary that is ideal for physical, spiritual and mental healing. The Dawn is centred on a Twin Pillar method, a proven, life-changing programme , which equally focuses on rehabilitation and wellness therapy. Being as The Dawn’s clinical team are also in recovery themselves, they can easily connect you to the expanding recovery fellowship in Chiang Mai and greater Thailand to further supplement your treatment regime.

Your Next Step

If you or a loved one are considering addiction treatment in Thailand, don’t wait and don’t make excuses. Affordable, quality care is available, sometimes you just have to look outside the borders. Book a free consultation today, and take the next step in securing you, or your loved one’s future.

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