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The Dawn is the only international rehab centre in Asia-Pacific to receive accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF International), putting us on par with the top rehabs in America. Our CARF accreditation highlights our continuous commitment to high-quality addiction and mental health treatment.

The Dawn has helped hundreds of individuals seeking to turn their lives around and start afresh at our alcohol rehab Thailand or drug rehab in Thailand. We have also assisted those struggling with  trauma, depression, anxiety, and dual-diagnosis to truly heal and recover at our peaceful riverfront sanctuary in the city of Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand. Here, far from your daily triggers, you will be poised to reap the restorative benefits of ground-breaking Western therapeutic techniques as well as traditional Asian wellness practices. Our holistic treatment approach takes your whole picture into account – your presenting issue, underlying issues, past experiences, relationships, environment and family dynamics – and addresses problems at their source. Even if you have been resistant to treatment in the past, we believe that with enough personal attention you can experience a deep transformation beyond what you ever thought was possible.

Asia’s Boutique Rehab Where Big Changes Happen

Here at The Dawn alcohol and drug rehab Thailand, we take the time to get to know you. We don’t just look at the issue that brought you here, but your life as a whole, and all of the experiences that got you to where you are now. Unlike bigger rehabs where high turnover and an overwhelming number of clients can add to your stress, we keep things small and low-key. That means you will easily make friends with others in your programme, and you’ll have an all-access pass to our team for support whenever you need it. And while we may be known to the general public overseas as one of the best rehabs abroad, we are equally respected in the international professional mental health community for our highly-effective mental health programme.

We are different from most Thailand drug rehab centers in that we specialise in treating unresolved trauma, a hidden cause of most addictions.  You will receive a thorough assessment and custom-designed treatment plan, which will be adjusted over the course of your stay to ensure it meets your  ever-evolving needs. Our multidisciplinary team of Western-educated therapists are up-to-the-minute trained in the latest treatment techniques. They are supported by a 24-hour onsite professional nursing team who have vast experience in handling detox as well as supporting patients with psychological issues, making us the best drug rehab in Thailand.

The Dawn’s Life-Changing Mental Health Retreat

All Thailand rehab centers claim to treat mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, however at most of these Thailand rehabs your mental health disorder will only get addressed for an hour or two a week during your weekly or biweekly individual counselling sessions – instead of being the main focus of your treatment. This is because the drug and alcohol rehabs in Thailand are mainly addiction-focused centres offering just an addiction programme – and are therefore only capable of treating a mental health problem as a co-occurring disorder, a common manifestation in addiction sufferers. 

At the Dawn, however, we offer a dedicated mental health programme that is separate from our addiction  treatment Thailand programme, for those struggling with mental health issues not related to addiction. However, it is common for individuals struggling with their mental wellness to turn to substances to cope. In such cases we can move clients seamlessly between the two programmes – as and when they are clinically ready. We also offer TMS therapy for people resistant to antidepressant medication – an FDA approved technology not available at any other residential treatment facility in Asia.


Our highly-experienced team, who all hold, at least, a Masters Degree in their field; are truly dedicated to their vocation and will always go the extra mile to ensure you get the most out of your treatment. Our clients and staff are one big family, and as soon as you arrive you will be welcomed into it. You won’t feel like a number here – everyone you come into contact with each day will know you by name. At The Dawn addiction rehab Thailand we treat you as a person, not a problem.

Counselling group session at The Dawn


The Dawn rehab in Thailand combines evidence-based techniques like CBT, DBT and the 12 Steps with modern treatment methods like TMS for an all-encompassing approach to your recovery. Your psychotherapy will be enhanced by ancient yet scientifically-proven holistic practices like mindfulness meditation, yoga and massage to accelerate your progress. By learning new practices, you will gain the tools you need to deal with life’s temptations and challenges – ensuring long term recovery.

Swimming Pool at The Dawn Gambling Addiction Rehab Thailand


Our tranquil grounds are set on the banks of the Ping River, on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, surrounded by picturesque rice fields and traditional Thai villages. You’ll feel relaxed in your comfortable private bedroom, where you can wake up to sunny skies, fresh air and stunning natural scenery. And you will have access to our full range of services and amenities such as swimming pool, massage studio and fitness centre.

The only Thailand Rehab Center offering an Addiction Relapse Warranty

We are confident that our high quality of treatment and your personal growth combined with the coping skills you will accumulate while in treatment will prepare you for a life of sobriety. As the top drug and alcohol rehab Thailand, The Dawn offers a rare Addiction Relapse Warranty  policy, which ensures that anyone who completes 12 weeks of treatment for drug or alcohol addiction can come back for an additional 28 days of residential treatment, at no additional cost, if they relapse within one year.

Why The Dawn is Your Best Choice for a Thailand Rehab Centre

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We have a 24-hour professional nursing team highly experienced in providing medical assistance for drug and alcohol detox making us ideal for those looking for an opiate rehab in Thailand or alcohol detox in Thailand or safe detox from other similarly dangerous substances.


Here, at our Chiangmai Thailand rehab center - a secure, lush oasis of peace - you will be a world away from the people, places and things that contribute to your condition.


The Dawn is accredited by CARF, an internationally recognised body overseeing clinical excellence in health care. This means our treatment services adhere to global best-practices in terms of quality and patient-safety from clinical, medical and environmental perspectives.


We cap client admissions at 35, to allow our clinical team to give each client personal attention – fine-tuning treatment to match their progress over the course of their stay.

Client to Staff ratio



If you are wondering about our mental health treatment or drug and alcohol rehab thailand cost, we charge only 1/3rd of the price of top quality centres in the West due to the comparatively lower cost of operations in Southeast Asia. This allows us to hire top-caliber clinicians by Western standards to ensure clients receive the best care.


Private room in a beautiful riverside facility with full-service amenities at your fingertips.

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Music Therapy - Rock To Recovery

The Dawn’s weekly music therapy sessions are facilitated by internationally-renowned musicians from Rock to Recovery — an organization founded by Wes Geer, recovering addict and guitarist of  the world-famous rock band Korn. You don’t have to be able to sing to benefit… 


The Dawn offers structured aftercare support in the form of weekly online group counselling sessions to help you prevent a relapse and work through any issues that may arise post treatment.


Here are some testimonials from our former clients and their family members, highlighting their personal experiences at The Dawn Rehab Chiang Mai and how their lives have changed forever.


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1. How long does it take to rewire the brain from addiction?

The length of time required to rewire the brain from addiction is a minimum of 90 days of abstinence, because that is approximately the time it takes to form new healthy habits through repetition to solidify new neural pathways. However, it also depends on the substance used, the severity of addiction, and the individual’s commitment to the recovery process.

  • During these 90 days, the person will experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms which will make you want to give up. At The Dawn, we offer medically-assisted detox and psychotherapeutic support to help alleviate both the physical and psychological symptoms associated with withdrawal. This, in turn, will help manage triggers and cravings.
  • The brain will also experience a dopamine deficit leading to emotional dysregulation. The Dawn employs a range of treatments, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to develop new coping behaviours and regulate emotions. We also employ wellness practices such as exercise, yoga, and meditation, which help increase natural dopamine production.

More importantly, we will address the underlying causes of your addiction, such as co-occurring mental health disorders in order to prevent future relapses.

2. How much does rehab cost in Thailand?

The cost of rehab in Thailand varies based on the quality of clinical care and amenities offered: 

  • The Dawn is the only rehab in the Asia-Pacific region with CARF International accreditation, a status shared with high quality U.S. treatment centres
  • We offer personalised treatment plans as well as a Trauma Programme (vs a basic 12-step group-approach programme)
  • 24-hour medical support and onsite detox
  • Resort-like accommodation and amenities

However, the price of rehab in Thailand is generally lower than the  West due to lower operating costs. For example, The Dawn Rehab Thailand costs;

  • 30% of the price of similar quality rehabs in the US such as Sierra Tucson, The Meadows and The Guest House
  • Less than 1/2 the price of similar quality centres in the UK such as The Priory, Lifeworks and Castle Craig
  • 1/2 the price of similar quality centres in Australia such as Palladium Private and South Pacific Private
3. How long is rehab?

The length of a rehab programme can last from 28 days to 3 months, but a 28-day programme often provides only short-term solutions, while research shows that a longer programme offers the best chance for long-term recovery and relapse prevention.

At The Dawn, our Treatment Roadmap is based on a 90-day duration, which allows enough time to address both presenting and underlying issues through a phased approach:

Phase 1. Detox and stabilisation – this includes teaching you coping skills to manage your triggers and cravings

Phase 2. Treating the root causes of your addiction or co-occurring mental health disorders

Phase 3. Step-down Programme for transitioning back to daily life 

4. How to stop an addiction?

Stopping an addiction is a challenging journey that starts with recognising the problem, seeking professional guidance, and committing to practise the skills and strategies that you’ve learned in rehab for at least 90 days. With dedication and the right support, long-term recovery is possible.

During this 90-day period, it’s essential to focus on developing healthy coping mechanisms, building a strong support network, and addressing any underlying mental health issues that may contribute to the addiction. By prioritising these key elements, individuals can lay the groundwork for sustainable recovery and prevent relapse.

5. What is the success rate of rehab?

The success rate of rehab varies depending on factors such as: (1) the quality of the treatment programme – does it address the root cause of the addiction such as co-occurring mental health issues? (2) the length of time spent in treatment, (3) the individual’s commitment to the recovery process, (4) participation in aftercare programmes and support groups.  Research indicates that completing a rehab programme significantly improves the chances of achieving and maintaining long-term sobriety. At The Dawn Rehab in Thailand, based on our SF-12 survey* 2023 results, we boast a

  • 90% programme completion rate 
  • with 88% of clients reporting  significant improvement in their ‘quality of life’ and the remaining 12% seeing satisfactory improvements
  • 90% of detox clients completed their detox within 10 days with a CIWA* score of 0-1 (no withdrawal symptoms)

It’s important to note that addiction is a chronic disorder, and relapse is often part of the recovery process. Seeking professional help can greatly improve the chances of achieving and maintaining sobriety, even if relapse occurs along the way.

*SF-12 is a standard measurement scale to assess health related quality of life by WHO, UN and the World Bank.
*The CIWA score is a tool used to assess the severity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms and guide treatment decisions.

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