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The Dawn Rehab Thailand Weekly Excursions

Chiang Mai is known as the cultural capital of Thailand, nestled in the northern foothills of the country – it also boasts scenic nature and eco-adventure activities. At The Dawn, Thailand alcohol rehab abroad, we balance hard work with an appropriately healthy dose of play by taking clients on a weekly day-trip to experience some of these famous natural and cultural attractions. Whether it is mountaintop temples, quaint coffee shops, exotic elephant parks or adventurous whitewater rafting Chiang Mai has it all.  These outings are not just purely for entertainment but have therapeutic value as well – as they help clients relax and start appreciating and enjoying the simple things in life again.

With so much to see and do nearby our centre, you will be sure to enjoy new experiences with new friends under the close supervision of our support staff, who are committed to providing a safe, fun and enriching experience.

As one of the world’s most visited vacation spots, a visit to Thailand is sure to be a life changing experience. Not only will you have the opportunity to pick up souvenirs from the Land of Smiles on our excursions, but you will create lasting memories of your time at The Dawn Rehab in Thailand.


Our Weekly Excursions


Experience life with the elephants in their natural habitat, you will get the opportunity to learn about elephant behaviour, and discover the unique and interesting history of each elephant. You will be able to feed, bathe and brush the elephants while they enjoy wading through the water. Located next to a Karen village in a densely forested mountainous region near Chiang Mai, the Sanctuary is surrounded by spectacular jungle scenery.

Doi Inthanon National Park

On this trip you can cool off on Thailand’s highest peak while taking in the beautiful scenic Doi Inthanon National Park. On the way up we will visit The King and Queen Chedi’s (the best views across the park are found here), and then on to the peak of Doi Inthanon the highest mountain in Thailand. Near the top we will take the Angkha nature walk where you can walk amongst the unique flora and forest that grow at this altitude. 


This is the perfect chance to sample the most famous and beautiful of the city’s 36 Buddhist temples (Wats), both inside the city walls and in the nearby countryside. You will also ascend the rolling hills surrounding Chiang Mai to experience the summit of Doi Suthep, a temple perched high up on a mountaintop. You will gain first-hand insight into habits of the Buddhist monks as they go about their daily routines, plus plenty of opportunities to photograph historic environs of Chiang Mai and the amazing views of the foothills surrounding the city.


A 45 minute-drive north of Chiang Mai brings you to the beautiful Mae Ngat Valley for an up-close look at rural Thai life. Paddle through the peaceful scenic landscapes of the Mae Taeng Forest Reserve and enjoy the beautiful nine-km waterways of the Chiang Mai region. You may rest or swim along the way.  Look for butterflies, and birds along the way, and soak up the sun on slow-going stretches of water between the rapids.


You start off visiting Siriwattana Market to learn more about the food you will be preparing in the cooking class. After an hour at the market, you will be driven to Thai Cookery School Chiang Mai to start cooking. You are welcome to ask questions and share experiences during the cooking class. Our chef will share a variety of ingredients and show you how to cook the dishes before you return to your cooking station to prepare and make each dish yourself. After all the cooking is done, you will get to eat your meal with the rest of the class.

Tea Garden Tour

Enjoy a trip to see the beauty of a lush tea plantation and learn about the tea growing process from the beginning. Get hands-on as you learn how to pluck tea leaves from the resident tea pluckers. Watch how the leaves are processed, both in a traditional and modern way and enjoy a cup of hot tea or an iced tea and a traditional Thai snack.

Batik Workshop

This is a great place to learn about and play with batik painting from the accomplished artist, Jaruwan Ponmak (Oi). Enjoy making patterns and colors on good quality Saa paper using a batik candle drawing method in an open-air studio, where you use candle wax to write or print patterns on the paper. All materials will be provided. Think about some of the ideas for your own unique candle drawing!

Leather Workshop

This workshop is for beginners who may have no experience of working with leather. You get to explore your talents and develop skills by making handmade leather work. You will learn the processes involved in handmade leather work: from making a pattern and cutting the leather to punching holes and stitching to create two simply designed coin purses and a key ring. Handmade leather goods are not only stylish, but have a durability you will enjoy for years to come.

Pottery Workshop

Hand building seems simple, and yes, it is with the correct techniques. Yet the result is anything but elementary. The techniques that you will learn here can be used to produce a sophisticated pottery piece. This workshop will show you all the basic techniques like pinching, coiling and slab to form basic shapes such as cups, bowls, and plates. Most people enjoy this pottery experience, which is designed to spark your imagination and creativity.


In addition to being a tourist destination for tourists who love nature, Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park is also offering a new way of learning outdoors in a relaxing atmosphere. Visitors will be able to experience paper making from elephant’s poo, as well as that of horses and cows,  and other natural materials. There is an organized demonstration of making paper from scratch until utilizing the paper in various ways. It is a good way to use naturally found organic materials to make your creative masterpiece.

Elephant Parade Painting

This workshop is a great, fun activity for all ages that not only allows you to design your very own elephant but to support elephant conservation through art. The workshop is inspired by many vibrant elephant statues created by an eclectic mix of artists, brand collaborations and superstars. There will be artists onsite to guide you and give you some inside tricks on how to make your elephant shine. Choose your colours and get artsy!

Acrylic Canvas Painting

Sometimes doing new activities for a few hours can help unlock our creativity. Painting is another activity that is not only enjoyable but also makes us feel mindful, relaxed, and most importantly, helps us get to know ourselves better. This Acrylic Painting Workshop features Impressionism style which focuses on painting simple content and looking at the beauty of ordinary things. The workshop allows participants to enjoy a step-by-step class and learn techniques from applying paint and brushing until the picture is complete.


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