The Dawn is proud to offer clients a gateway excursion to some of Asia’s most spectacular landscapes and cultural attractions. Whether it’s mountaintop temples, quaint coffee shops, inspiring elephant parks or adventurous whitewater rafting that you are after Chiang Mai has it all. For many troubled individuals, drugs and alcohol have become a precondition for them to be able to have a good time. In order to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle, clients are strongly encouraged to join our weekly excursions.

With so much to see and do nearby our centre, you will be sure to enjoy new experiences with new friends under the close supervision of our support staff, who are committed to providing a safe, fun and enriching experience.

As one of the worlds most picturesque locales, a visit to Thailand is sure to be the envy of friends and family back home. Our excursions also provide you with the chance to develop fond memories of their stay and to pick up some souvenirs to remember their time in the Land of Smiles.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Experience life with the elephants in their natural home, you will get the opportunity to learn about elephant behaviour, and discover the unique and interesting history of each elephant as you touch, play, feed and photograph them. You will have the opportunity to bathe and brush the elephants while they enjoy wading through the water. Located next to a Karen village in a densely forested mountainous region, the Sanctuary is surrounded by spectacular jungle scenery.

Rainforest Canopy Zipline Adventure

Soar through the treetops by zipline and enjoy the fun of two rappel descents. You can enjoy three nature walks, including a hike up the seven-tiered Mae Kampong Falls for more scenic views. If you are lucky, you may even spot wild gibbons, although they can be elusive. This adrenaline-inducing canopy course covers 3 miles (5 km), including one 2,624-foot (800-meter) cable the longest zipline in Asia built and designed with fun and safety in mind.

Temple Tour

This is the perfect chance to sample the most famous and beautiful of the city’s 36 Buddhist temples (Wats), both inside the city walls and in the nearby countryside.You will also ascend the rolling hills surrounding Chiang Mai to experience the immaculate , perched high above the urban city near the summit of the peak of Doi Suthep. You will gain first-hand insight into habits of the temples Buddhist monks as they go about their daily routines, plus plenty of opportunities to photograph historic environs of Chiang Mai and the majestic views of the foothills surrounding the city.

White Water Kayaking

Paddle a jungle-fringed river in Northern Thailand on a full-day kayaking trip to the Mae Wang valley from Chiang Mai. Follow a course that passes a series of elephant camps, and spot the friendly animals who come to the river to bathe and drink. Look for butterflies, birds and even jungle mammals along the way, and soak up the sun on easy-going stretches of water between the rapids. The lower part of the river is a good fit for advanced boaters, who shouldn’t miss the boulders and white water of Lost Canyo

Thai Cooking Class

You start off visiting Siriwattana Market to learn more on the foods you will be preparing in the cooking class. After an hour market trip, you will be transported to home kitchen studio. You are welcome with questions and exchange of experiences during the cooking lessons. Our chef will share with you variety cooking ingredients. The chef will demonstrate and cook the selected dishes before you return to your cooking station to prepare and make each dish yourself. After all the cooking is done, you will get to enjoy your meal with the rest of the class.

Tribal Experience

Enjoy an excursion to the mountains of Northern Thailand to Suan Lahu, a coffee farm run by members of the local Lahu tribe. Discover the production of organic coffee, enjoy tastings, help out on the plantation and visit the village where most of the workers live. There are a number of seasonal activities possible at the farm, ranging from taking care of farm animals, freeing the plants from strangulating vines, to grading, roasting, and harvesting the coffee beans. This is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of a group of local people while also enjoying the scenic countryside.


Cooking Class


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Jungle Tour



Chiang Mai Safari

Chiang Mai Safari

water park

Water Park


White Water Rafting



Bamboo rafting

Bamboo Rafting

Bike Tour

Bike Tour


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Tribal Tour

Chiang Mai Zoo

Chiang Mai Zoo



Soap Carving

Soap Carving


Umbrella Factory