You’ve successfully completed your inpatient treatment, and are now fully equipped with a range of coping mechanisms and healthy habits to keep yourself on track. However, you may feel a bit of apprehension as you anticipate getting back into a daily routine that is peppered with triggers and stressors.

The strong foundation you have built for yourself in treatment is best followed by guided practice of these new tools, where you can re-enter the world with a support system just around the corner. The Dawn’s Step Down Programme allows you to test your newfound skills, gain confidence, and process your experiences with others before making the final trip home.


Support and guidance for family members upon a client completing treatment


Free online 90-minute group therapy sessions post-treatment


Dedicated relapse-prevention groups weekly; for addiction clients – weekly access to AA/NA meetings


Low staff to client ratio to ensure maximum care & support


Highly-personalised treatment plan to suit each individual's needs


Registered professional nursing team onsite

What is a Step Down Programme?

A Step Down Programme facilitates the transition of clients back into daily life following the completion of treatment or rehab. No matter the reason for your through treatment, you may feel nervous about how going out in a public setting will impact your mood, your reactions, and your commitments to your health.  The Step Down Programme occurs in a supportive, drug and alcohol-free, semi-controlled environment where clients live on site but have the freedom to come and go as they choose. You will live your own life, go outside unsupervised, and reintegrate with the world at your own pace.


The Benefits of a Step Down Programme

A Step Down Programme allows you to test out what you have learned during Primary Treatment with the backing of a supportive and fully understanding community of professional therapists and peers. If you have recently achieved sobriety, this can mean practising how to cope with the temptation of walking past bars or pharmacies, handling someone offering you a drink, and becoming comfortable with your new identity as a person in recovery. For those who have worked on improving their mental health, the Step Down Programme focuses heavily on confidence-building and strengthening communication skills and positive interactions in a variety of social settings. You’ll practise, and then get to come back and talk about what you’ve learned or felt with people going through the same process.

Additionally, the Step Down Programme allows you to develop your self-management skills. Many clients are unaware how much the highly structured and scheduled inpatient environment benefits their condition. It is only when they leave residential treatment that they discover creating and maintaining good personal routines are a huge challenge to their new-found health. This programme allows you the time to gain comfort and confidence in building a healthy, balanced scheduled in a guided and supportive environment.

Studies have shown that Step Down Programmes reduce the risk of relapse and strengthen the likelihood of long-term positive outcomes for recovery and improved mental health.

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What is Life in The Dawn’s Step Down Programme Like?

You will live on site at The Dawn’s beautiful riverfront location.  Each morning you’ll attend a group therapy session where you can share your experiences, challenges, and successes from the previous day with others. Residents often share tips and advice about managing their conditions, manifesting a constructive, positive start to the day.

After your group therapy session, your days are free to fill as you choose – an easy task when you are located just outside the fascinating, gorgeous city of Chiang Mai. Opportunities for unique, meaningful experiences abound. You may decide to volunteer as an English teacher for students eager to practise their newfound skills with you. You might nurture your inner yogi at one of the many yoga or meditation courses found around the city. If you’re looking to expand your creative side, art classes of all kinds are available in Chiang Mai, from painting to basket-weaving to pottery-making. Perhaps you want to challenge yourself in a Muay Thai or rock climbing class, or learn the ancient art of traditional Thai massage.

No matter what you choose, you will find yourself more and more capable of handling all that life brings your way – even in a city far from home. By the time you leave, you will be confident in your abilities and coping skills, and feel ready to return home.

About our programme

The Dawn’s Step Down Programme is available for selected clients who have completed at least two months of primary treatment. Only those clients who have been deemed suitable for the programme by our clinical team will be accepted. The price of the programme is $5000 per month, and a minimum stay of one month is required. Each participant in our programme will receive the following:

  • Daily meals onsite (Participants are encouraged to find their lunch and dinner in town as part of practicing their self-management skills)
  • Accommodation with laundry services
  • Daily process group alongside primary treatment clients
  • One individual counselling session per week
  • Access to the gym and trainers
  • Access to onsite medical care
  • Daily shuttle service to drop-off and pick-up point near town

The daily Step Down Programme parallels the primary programme in the morning. Step Down Programme clients will attend the morning process group on a daily basis, just as primary clients do. Afterwards, however, Step Down Programme clients are encouraged to leave The Dawn premises and go into town to pursue healthy activities; while addiction clients are encouraged to attend 12-step meetings as well. Clients will be expected back onsite by 9 pm each evening.

To learn more about our Step Down Programme at The Dawn, call us today.