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GHB Addiction Rehab in Thailand

Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate, more commonly known as GHB, is a highly addictive drug that is often used by teens and young adults at clubs and parties, and sometimes used as an anabolic steroid for bodybuilding. Its strong effects include lowered inhibition, feelings of affection and euphoria, as well as dizziness, drowsiness, confusion and memory loss. These combined with GHB’s undetectable nature (the liquid substance is odourless, colourless and can easily be slipped into someone’s drink) have led to its widespread use as a date rape drug. Street names for GHB include G, Georgie Home Boy, Liquid Ecstasy, Liquid E, Liquid X and Organic Quaalude.

GHB is addictive even when taken over a short period of time, and once you become chemically dependent, it can be difficult to quit without professional help.

Signs and Symptoms of GHB Abuse

Short-term symptoms of GHB use include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Loss of muscle control
  • Respiratory issues
  • Nausea
  • Hallucinations

Long-term GHB use can lead to very dangerous symptoms, such as:

  • Seizures
  • Cognitive impairment and slow speech
  • Coma
  • Death

Why The Dawn is Your Best Choice for GHB Rehab in Thailand

At The Dawn, our highly qualified clinical team keeps up to date with the latest therapeutic developments. We attend international conferences on the most pressing mental health and addiction issues and constantly continue our education and training to make sure we’re providing you with the most advanced level of care possible

Inpatient GHB Rehabilitation: The Most Effective Treatment Option

While outpatient addiction treatment (during which you stay at home and attend regular therapy sessions) may seem more convenient, it also leaves you exposed to the very influences that pushed you toward your addiction. This puts you at greater risk of relapse while you are newly sober and may not be stable enough to navigate the triggers in your home environment.

Inpatient treatment, on the other hand, removes you from your triggers and provides you with 24-hour supervision and support from trained addiction specialists, meaning you are never alone while working through this challenging stage of recovery. You will be an accepted part of our community here at The Dawn, where you can freely and openly share your experiences with others who are going through the same challenges.


How Our GHB Addiction Treatment Works

GHB rehabilitation at The Dawn consists of three main components: detoxaddiction counselling and complementary wellness therapies.

Whether or not you require a detox for your GHB dependence will be based on an assessment by our medical team.  We have a 24 hour professional nursing team onsite with vast experience in medically-assisted detox, who work under the supervision of our consultant psychiatrist. They will monitor you while your body is ridding itself of the toxins and ensure your withdrawal symptoms are as minimal as possible.

Our own Twin Pillars addiction treatment model utilises time-tested treatment methods like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy (MCBT) and a secular version of the 12 Steps. This powerful combination of therapies is designed to help you understand the origins of your addiction, how it functions in your life and how it affects those around you. You will also learn to recognise and stop dysfunctional behavioural patterns and broaden the limits you have placed on yourself. And, through attending local NA groups, you’ll start to build a support network of sober peers who can help carry your sobriety when times get tough.

In addition to our core, conventional treatment methods, you’ll engage in a variety of holistic activities that both increase your comfort while you’re in treatment and help you cultivate habits that will serve you for years to come in sobriety. These include mindfulness meditation training with a Buddhist monk, yoga, massage therapy and fitness classes. Throughout your stay, you’ll have access to quiet and naturally beautiful meditation spaces and our gym to get yourself back on track to feeling balanced and well.

GHB Addiction Treatment in Thailand: A Sanctuary for Recovery

When you’re doing the hard work of getting sober and setting yourself up for life in recovery, it’s important to do so in a place where you can completely focus on yourself with little to no distraction. Here in the countryside of Northern Thailand, you’ll find just that – our centre is in a peaceful, quiet location, next to a slow-flowing river and surrounded by verdant rice fields. Here, you can breathe fresh air, wake up to the warmth of the sun and allow the therapeutic benefits of nature to restore your mind and body and ease you into recovery.


Our all-inclusive programme costs less than half the price of similar premium addiction programmes in the West.


We provide 24-hour medical supervision and support for alcohol and drug detox at our centre.


We provide a mixture Western therapy and Eastern wellness practises to ensure that our clients get all the tools they need for a lasting recovery.

A Day at The Dawn

We believe in healing the whole person. You will receive intensive psychotherapy, but meditation, relaxation, and recreational activities will all play an important therapeutic role in your treatment. Here’s an example of what a typical day looks like at The Dawn:

07:00: Group Exercise
08:00: Breakfast
09:30: Group Process
11:00: Group Therapy
12:00: Lunch
13:00: Focus Group
14:30: Individual Counselling, Massage, Fitness Training, Mindfulness Meditation or TMS (optional)
18:00: Dinner
19:00: Group Activity, Offsite NA / AA meeting
20:30: Rest & Relaxation
22:00: Bedtime


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