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Benefits of Going to Rehab Abroad in Thailand

You are on the brink of an incredibly important period in your life – the moment when you commit to your health and open yourself to the possibilities that the future can offer you when you are not overtaken by addiction or mental health struggles. 

Recovery is a journey, and it is one that can be embarked upon physically as well as mentally if you choose an international rehab. There are many advantages to beginning your new approach to life abroad, and having a sense of the benefits can help as you take your next step.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about attending rehab abroad, and people rarely comprehend all the advantages of attending rehab in Thailand or elsewhere. Below, we’ll dispel some common concerns and misconceptions, as well as highlight some of the primary benefits. 

Understanding the Benefits of International Rehab

Seeking rehab overseas offers a range of benefits to your psyche and your budget. Some key advantages to rehab abroad include: 

  • Complete removal from your triggers – stepping completely outside of your everyday life allows you to examine your triggers without having to be constantly bombarded with them, a significant advantage in the early stages of recovery.
  • Better value for money – international rehab in places like Thailand, where operating costs are much lower than in Western countries, are able to offer a similar standard of treatment with add-ons like wellness therapies at a fraction of the price, making your budget go far further than it would at home.
  • Opportunity to receive longer-term treatment – with lower treatment fees, you can afford to extend your treatment period – and all clinical studies agree that the longer a person spends in treatment, the stronger their recovery will be. Long-term drug and alcohol rehab overseas in Thailand, like The Dawn, specialises in providing affordable treatment programmes that go beyond the typical 30 days, allowing clients to settle further into their recovery and better understand co-occurring disorders that can otherwise complicate the healing process.
  • Protection of your privacy – putting distance between your hometown and your rehab allows you the space to talk about your recovery on your terms without fearing that others’ knowledge about your condition could risk your career and social status. At a rehab centre like The Dawn, client confidentiality is a priority.
  • The chance to step back, recharge, and make a new plan – when you commit to rehab abroad, you are gifting yourself some real “Me” time to focus on yourself and forge a new path in a place that is in full support of your growth and recovery.
  • The opportunity to see and experience a new place and culture – when we step outside of our usual surroundings and immerse ourselves in a different culture, we allow ourselves the opportunity to look at life from amazing new perspectives. This type of cultural immersion is often optional. But, if you treat it as an opportunity to sightsee and gain experience, it’s certainly an advantage.
  • Access to world-class facilities and experts — Despite the wonderfully affordable prices offered by many international rehabs, they often host top-tier experts. The lower cost of living in many countries also allows them to install and maintain better facilities at a lower cost. This means that going to rehab abroad often offers you access to better facilities and better-qualified experts at low cost.  
  • Post-rehab transition and aftercare — Many international rehab centres offer comprehensive transition and aftercare services. Taking advantage of this type of program can help ease the transition back to your home country and general society. Services involved may include:
    • Counseling 
    • Follow-up care
    • Online support groups
    • Tailored additional resources

Concerns About Travelling Abroad for Addiction Treatment in Thailand

It is natural to have some concerns about pursuing sobriety in a far-off place, especially since a successful recovery is vital to lasting health and well-being. Understanding more about what international rehab overseas offers can help to allay some of these worries.


I’ve noticed that the prices of the rehab centres are lower, but does this mean there are tradeoffs in the quality of services or accommodations?


In some countries, lower operating costs allow residential treatment centres to bring their prices down while still offering high-quality treatment and accommodations. A key way to assess the quality of any rehab centre is to look for its accreditation. Is the rehab internationally accredited? Are there national bodies that also recognise it? 

Additionally, knowing if the host country has a strong medical tourism industry is also a good indicator that the services provided will be of a high standard.


If I’m travelling to a non-English speaking country, how do I know that people will be able to understand me or help me with my specific needs?


Most drug rehabs abroad employ English-speaking staff in order to meet the needs of a diverse, international clientele. Staff members themselves are often internationally trained as well, adding new perspectives and dimensions to their treatment techniques.


I’m worried that I’m really going to miss my partner/children/family. Could homesickness derail my treatment?


Though rehab abroad will take you physically far from home, wifi connections ensure that you can be on a video chat with your loved ones whenever you need to be. While the distance can be challenging at times, it’s also important to remember that recovery will require an intense focus on yourself, and having the space to do so can actually benefit your healing process.


I’m concerned that my insurance company might not pay for an international rehab. How do I address this?


If you choose an internationally accredited rehabilitation centre like the Dawn Rehab in Thailand, you should have no problem with getting the insurance to pay for it. Most insurance companies will happily pay for rehab at an acceptable provider. However, it’s always wise to check the details with your insurer, as some companies only pay for facilities within the same country.


I’m not sure I’ll be able to adapt to the culture in another country. How should I deal with the cultural differences?


If you attend rehab abroad, you’ll generally find that they’re well-equipped to deal with people of different cultures. The atmosphere will be such that you won’t suffer much from culture shock. 

A facility like the Dawn Rehab in Thailand specialise in creating a sufficiently neutral environment so that foreigners from all corners of the world can comfortably attend rehabilitation.

The Importance of Choosing the Right International Rehab

Once you have made the decision to go to rehab overseas, the next step is to consider what type of treatment will be most effective for your specific needs. Important factors to think through include:

  • Outpatient or Inpatient Treatment? – inpatient treatment gives you the option of complete removal from your triggers and may be preferable if there are factors at work or home that are feeding into your addiction. If you have previously relapsed, inpatient treatment is also strongly recommended.

  • Religious Beliefs – for people who are looking for a more secular recovery experience, it’s helpful to identify rehab clinics abroad that offer programmes other than just the 12 Step Programme.

  • Possible Mental Health Issues – do you suspect that you may be struggling with a mental health disorder on top of your addiction? It is very common for addiction to present with a co-occurring disorder, and you will want to seek out a rehab that can identify and treat this as well.

  • Holistic Approach to Treatment – treatment centres that offer a range of treatment options focusing on both the mind and body provide you with a wealth of tools to manage your addiction or mental health condition, as well as the stresses of daily life and contribute to a lasting recovery.

  • Detox – depending on the nature of your addiction, you may need to go through detox in the first stage of your recovery. Not all rehab centres offer this, so it’s important to identify one that does if this will be part of your recovery process.
  • Number of Clients – finding a rehab that has a limited number of clients is important in the quality and specificity of care you receive during treatment, allowing you to receive all the benefits of a customised treatment plan and personalised attention.

  • Continuum of Care – choosing an alcohol rehab abroad that offers support along the whole continuum of care, from detox to aftercare, is essential to a lasting recovery. This ensures that you have access to ongoing support and professional resources after you leave treatment and return to daily life. 

If you truly want to know whether you’re choosing the right international rehab for your specific needs, read our Complete Guide: How to Find the Best Rehab Abroad in 2023.

Why Choose The Dawn?

When it comes to attending rehab abroad, it’s worth considering The Dawn in Thailand. Our clients have cited many reasons for entrusting The Dawn Wellness Centre and Rehab to manage their treatment and recovery, including things like:

1. Asia’s only Internationally Accredited RehabThe Dawn is  the only behavioural health treatment facility in Asia-Pacific with CARF accreditation, the gold standard for rehabilitation centres in America. We are also accredited nationally by the Thai Ministry of Public Health (MOPH).

2. Removal from TriggersOur lush, tranquil property is an oasis of calm and a world away from your triggers – the people, places, things and situations that contribute to your condition. You’ll be able to fully relax in the privacy of your well-appointed room or by enjoying our many resort-style facilities.

3. Detox and 24-Hour Onsite Medical Care – Our clinical staff is supported by a 24-hour onsite professional nursing team who have vast experience in handling detox as well as patients with psychological issues and operate under the supervision of an experienced psychiatrist.

4. Personalised, Holistic Treatment Our compassionate, experienced staff works with each client to develop a customised treatment plan that addresses the client’s specific needs, identifies the root causes of the disorder, and uses a wide variety of coping mechanisms to successfully and sustainably manage the condition for a lasting recovery.

5. Internationally-Trained Clinical Team – The clinical team at The Dawn has years of experience treating a wide variety of disorders and conditions, including those related to mood, anxiety, and trauma. If you are struggling with co-existing disorders, like addiction and depression, our team is fully capable of addressing these as well.

6. Close-knit, Supportive EnvironmentAt The Dawn, we purposely keep our resident numbers below 35 to foster a warm, personal community where everyone is on a first-name basis. We prioritise breaking the isolation of addiction and creating connections with those who understand your struggles and share your commitment to a better future.

7. Addiction Relapse WarrantyThe Dawn is the only known treatment centre that offers a Relapse Warranty Policy. If a client completes 12 weeks of treatment and relapses within one year, we are happy to have them return for 28 days at no additional cost. During this time, we will identify why relapse occurred and help them get back on track.

8. Long-term Rehab Centre – The Dawn offers long-term drug rehab that typically encompasses a period of 90 days and focuses on comprehensively addressing all parts of addiction, including co-occurring disorders.

9. Opportunity to Expand Your Horizons – we realise that experiencing a new culture and environment can help awaken new parts of yourself, and so our programming builds in weekly excursions as well as opportunities for further exploration and engagement via our Step-down Programme, once a client completes their primary treatment to our satisfaction.


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