Our Team

The Dawn employs only the most experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate people. From our Admissions and Administrative staff to our Counsellors and Clinical staff, we pride ourselves in providing quality, cutting-edge care from industry experts. The majority of our team was educated and trained abroad from institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. Each member of our team is licensed in his or her field of expertise and has a wealth of combined experience in the treatment of mental health disorders, trauma and addictions

Here at The Dawn, we consider our team to be an integral part of your success and well-being. Our team of clinical professionals and medical specialists include; psychologists, psychiatrists, nursing staff, social workers, counsellors, therapists, and support staff. Our medical and support staff are available 24/7 to assist in making your stay comfortable and successful. We are committed to the personal development and success of each client by maintaining the proper client-to-staff ratio. The low client-to-staff ratio differentiates our programme and allows our professional team to fully engage in the recovery of each client.

Clinical Team

David Smallwood

Clinical Director

Msc, PG Dip, NCAC

Tony Tan

Clinical Manager

Psychologist, Trauma Specialist,
Life Coach, Hypnotherapist

MPsych (Australia), CSAT III, CGAT II, EMDR II, Master NLP Coach, Interactive Hypnotherapy


Wei Ling

Clinical Psychologist


Dylan Kerr

Clinical Counsellor

HeDip Healthcare (Birmingham)

HeDip Psychology of Addiction (Leeds)

Dip Counselling (Northampton)


Simone Negrini

David Kaff

Integrative Psychotherapist

Dip counselling – AOD and Mental Health


Sophia Frelau

TRE Provider

Medical Team

Dr. Panu Khuwuthyakorn

Dr. Panu Khuwuthyakorn

Consultant Psychiatrist


Pui Wichuda

Head Nurse

Certified TMS Specialist

Jarussri Siratheppraphai

Rutchaneeporn Srigonti

Jittisorn Wongchompoo

Chanunchida Chaichompoo

Aunchaya Pimsaikamol

Walaiporn Suwannaboon

Support Staff

Alex Chanapan

Centre Director


Jared Willey


David Gale

Dip Counselling – Addiction / Mental Health (ACAP, Sydney)

Applied Suicide Intervention Training (LifeLine, Sydney)

Certified Optimal Health Facilitator (Neami National, Sydney)

Aom Thanaporn

Addmission Coordinator

Wellness Staff

Chariya Smith

Fitness Manager

Peeraphon Laiwarin

Head Chef/ Nutritionist

Suwannee Pullsawad

Mindfulness Instructor

Pump Korawat

Fitness Instructor

Phongnaret Thongkham

Berlerk Pinsinchai

Supaphun Surintaramon

Massage Therapist

Apple-Mindfulness Instructor


Mindfulness Instructor



Fitness Instructor