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Affordable, high-quality alcohol addiction treatment in Thailand

Situated in Northern Thailand’s picturesque city of Chiang Mai, The Dawn alcohol rehab in Thailand offers an effective inpatient addiction treatment programme with our comprehensive approach to patient care through intensive rehabilitation and wellness therapy. Our clients are given the best treatment options with our licensed team of addiction professionals that have extensive backgrounds in their respective fields. Our comfortable, secluded setting offers all the comforts of home and more in a peaceful environment inspired by Thailand’s natural beauty. Our residents can rest, relax and recover without worry or stress for a complete healing experience.

What is Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

“Inpatient” is a medical term that refers to care provided while a patient or client is staying at their care facility overnight or for an extended time. It’s also common to call this approach to recovery a residential programme or full-time treatment, since participants are living at their treatment centre and have round-the-clock access to recovery staff. Inpatient addiction treatment is one of the most common approaches to early recovery because it allows clients to fully focus on their healing — there are no distractions or temptations from the outside world, and no pressures or expectations beyond time spent pursuing therapeutic endeavours. In addition, residential recovery clients can be fully present in their recovery with daily schedules that revolve around various therapy sessions, group meetings and experiential activities.

What makes The Dawn ideal for inpatient alcohol treatment?

The Dawn alcohol rehab in Thailand is the perfect setting for inpatient alcohol treatment. We offer high-quality therapies provided by a licensed team of world-class addiction professionals, yet we are far removed from the noise and rush of Western society. Our location in Thailand ensures that our clients have a positive, restorative recovery experience, reinforcing the idea that recovery and sobriety can be fulfilling and enjoyable. Thailand’s cost of living also allows us to offer our services at a price point that makes high-quality recovery accessible to a wide range of clients in need, with our prices at a quarter of the price of a Western centre of equal calibre.

With our excellent staff, we are able to create highly customised and intensive alcohol addiction treatment plans to suit each individual’s exact needs. Our clinicians, therapists and support staff are not only qualified, experienced and professional but are also kind, compassionate and friendly. You’ll feel completely at home around your providers as you progress through your treatment with us. It is our goal to get to know each client on a highly personal level so we can provide the kind of individualised care that will resonate with them and play to their unique strengths. This kind of treatment makes the greatest difference in the life of a recovering addict — it offers them a path to recovery that they feel comfortable walking even when they leave behind the full-time guidance of our staff.

Additionally, our recovery facilities and features are unrivalled among top-quality treatment centres worldwide. We provide 24-hour medical support and an on-site detoxification centre to help our clients comfortably navigate the transition from addiction to sobriety. We boast an impressive 1:1 staff-to-client ratio for detailed therapy plans and maximised attention to clients’ needs. Our beautiful location includes private rooms, full-service conveniences and top-tier amenities. Remote aftercare support through our online worships will also be available up to eight weeks post-treatment at no additional cost.

We provide a mixture of Eastern and Western methods to ensure that our clients get all the tools that they need to lead a happy life. We harness the best of both worlds to champion holistic healing of the body, mind and spirit, strengthening the whole person to prepare them for life beyond residential recovery.

Our licensed onsite medical facility provides 24-hour medical supervision and support for alcohol detoxification. Our incomparable staff administers clinical and therapeutic care with compassion and expertise, ensuring your complete comfort and assurance throughout your treatment with us.

With individualised care, we help you identify your triggers and determine which coping mechanisms work best for you to prevent relapse. We also teach you the best ways to carry these healthy coping mechanisms with you when you leave the behind the security of our programmes and enter independent life.


Why Choose The Dawn Alcohol Rehab in Thailand

Our alcohol addiction treatment programming includes a variety of unique benefits. We aim to provide only the best services and amenities and are always working to ensure our offerings are relevant, cutting-edge and effective. Cornerstones of our programme include:

Group therapy session at The Dawn alcohol rehab in Thailand

Removed Triggers

Onsite assistance around the clock

A structured programme

Safe monitoring

An array of therapy options

Healthy eating and wholesome nutrition

Vital tools for recovery

Peer and professional support

Focused attention to self

Affordable, all-inclusive fees


Our client’s life long recovery and success is what we care most at The Dawn. We also realise that relapse and setbacks are a reality for many beginning their recovery journey, which is why we offer a Relapse Assurance Guarantee for clients who have completed treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. If any client relapses for any reason after completion of our programme, we welcome them back for 30 days, at no additional cost.

The world of alcohol addiction treatment is vast and full of options. At The Dawn, we analyse today’s most popular treatments and hand-select methods in which we feel confident. Our therapeutic modalities fit our mission of providing rejuvenating, holistic recovery that restores your mental, physical and spiritual strength. We offer a range of evidence-based, alternative and experimental therapies so that each client can discover what works for them. When you enter our programme, you will work closely with our admissions team, clinical staff and counsellors to create a unique treatment plan that plays to your strengths. This plan is flexible and can change as you discover new options or avenues that make sense for you during your stay.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programme

Our treatment programme for alcohol addiction consists of two overarching stages: alcohol detoxification and addiction treatment. Detoxification, or detox, is usually the first phase of recovery, during which medical professionals help you process drugs or alcohol out of your body so that you can start your recovery sober and with a clean slate. Detox can be a difficult time since you may experience withdrawal symptoms that can be hard to bear, but the staff at The Dawn are committed to keeping you comfortable and positive throughout the process. Addiction treatment begins after detox when you begin to focus on the mental health aspects of substance abuse. You will use tactics including talk therapy, experiential therapies and behavioural therapies to address the underlying causes of your addiction — why, when and how you began abusing a substance, for instance — and learn ways to prevent them from happening again.

The Dawn Alcohol Rehab in Thailand includes a complete medical detoxification facility onsite, so we can handle both alcohol detoxification and drug detoxification within our centre and ease the transition from detox to therapy. We focus on helping clients cope with withdrawal and other uncomfortable symptoms, since we believe that associating pain or illness with recovery can negatively impact recovery. It is often recommended for those entering rehab to undergo supervised detoxification before beginning their path to recovery, particularly in cases when a client has been using a substance for a long time or is heavily under the influence. Not all of our clients require this phase of treatment — this will be determined during an initial assessment that we conduct prior to a client entering rehab. Our onsite detox centre is fully equipped with modern medical technologies and our medical staff are available at all hours. 

Once the detox has taken place — if necessary — then we can focus on treating the underlying effects of addiction rather than the physical symptoms of substance abuse. The Dawn programme uses an original and unique approach called the Twin Pillars approach: first, a combination of time-tested 12 Step principles and cutting-edge Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT); and second, a complimentary wellness programme that focuses on healing the body and instilling healthy practices. All the services we offer as part of the Twin Pillars are guided or administered by professionally trained providers, from mental health therapy to massage therapy to nutrition management.

We are also able to offer specialised treatment for dual diagnosis clients, or clients with co-occurring addiction disorders and other mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety. This is a common occurrence as addiction and mental health often go hand in hand — not only do many people who struggle with mental health disorder self-medicate with illicit substances, but substance abuse often makes these problems worse. Studies show that it’s vital to address any accompanying mental health issues in order to prevent them from triggering relapse in the future. 

Our highly personalised treatment combines both Western and Eastern methodologies to effectively help our clients acquire the best tools to achieve sobriety and overcome alcohol dependence. We are always looking for new, innovative ways to provide the best possible care during this important stage of your life, and we find that expanding our horizons across cultures gives us a broader understanding of human wellness and health. We strive to harness this knowledge to meet individual needs, finding best practices on a personal basis to ensure a long-lasting recovery for every client.

Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation

For the first pillar, we concentrate on rehabilitation by providing our clients with essential tools that can put an end to negative behaviour and motivate them to be self-sufficient. Through our therapies, we help clients recognise the impact that their alcohol addiction has had on their life and the lives of their loved ones. We encourage them to understand that although addiction can feel isolating, they are not alone in their struggle — we help them build a support system and find their recovery community through shared activities and healthy communication tactics. Then, we teach them ways to use this information and these skills to develop new patterns of behaviour that are positive and constructive, showing them that these habits are more fulfilling and deeply rewarding when compared to the destructive cycle of substance abuse and addiction.

Vital elements of this rehabilitation programme feature MBCT, which promotes the essence of the present moment and encourages individuals to handle situations in a healthy, non-judgemental way. MBCT is a psychotherapy methodology that teaches new ways of thinking and behaving that empowers our clients to disrupt old patterns and discover that the strength of their mind is greater than the strength of their addiction. We also utilise the secular 12 Step program, one of the oldest organised approaches to alcohol addiction treatment that has proven itself effective for decades. The 12 Step program is a group therapy model that provides our clients with a safe space to engage in peer discussion and receive social support. It also provides concise, achievable goals that give our clients a clear path forward in their recovery.

Wellness Therapy

The second pillar offers a wellness programme that has been designed to provide our clients with the strength and tools that they need to improve their lives. The wellness programme is made up of numerous essential elements including mindfulness and meditation, spa and massage therapy, physical exercise and healthy dietary counselling. We offer onsite wellness amenities including exercise equipment, spa facilities, an in-house chef and more. In addition to these physical practices, we also use humanistic therapy to assist our clients in developing a strong and healthy sense of self. While overcoming addiction cannot be done alone, it also cannot be done without self-love and confidence. We make sure our clients believe in themselves and their ability to live a fulfilling, sober life — they will gain the ability to recognise and understand their feelings to achieve greater meaning in their lives and actions.

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The Dawn offers premier alcohol addiction treatment in Thailand, in the northern city of Chiang Mai. We welcome clients of all ages, genders and nationalities — we are an international recovery community that is widely accepting of beliefs and walks of life. Our location affords us the ability to offer relaxing, premier quality amenities in a beautiful setting while keeping our high-quality alcohol addiction treatment affordable for those that need it. If you are interested in finding out whether our programme is right for you or your loved one, please contact us today to start your journey of recovery.