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Handful of pills scattered on top of Australian dollar bills

The Cost of Addiction Treatment in Australia

Addiction is a complex illness that affects millions of people globally, including Australians. It can have devastating effects on individuals and their families, including physical, emotional, social, and financial consequences.

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Young woman talking about her mental health problems

Mental Health Problems in Australia

Mental health is a serious concern around the world, with many people struggling to maintain a healthy mental state. Unfortunately, with so many traumatic events taking place, this is often

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Male junkie hand trying to grab injection syringe of cooked heroine.

Drug Addiction Problems in Australia

Substance addiction and abuse might be global problems, but few developed countries have struggled with them as much as Australia. According to recent reports, around 1 in 20 Australians struggle

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a man drinking alcohol at home alone

Alcohol Addiction Problems in Australia

Excessive alcohol consumption remains a major concern in Australia. According to the official National Health Survey for 2020-21, one in four Australians aged 18 and over exceeded the national alcohol

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Bottle of pills spilled out onto a stack of Australian dollars

Addiction Problems in Australia

Addiction is a growing problem all over the world, and Australia is no exception to this trend. Documented cases of substance and behavioural addiction continue to grow with each year,

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