Asia’s finest and most exclusive Drug and alcohol rehab centre in thailand

The Dawn Medical Rehab and Wellness Centre

One of Asia’s finest drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation and wellness centre, The Dawn rehab in Thailand is a rising star in effective inpatient addiction treatment and holistic wellness sanctuary. Located in Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand, The Dawn boasts a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility with immaculate grounds and buildings. Our centre is a quiet and peaceful sanctuary that provides an ideal setting for our clients to heal and recover. We offer holistic, comprehensive drug addiction treatmentalcohol addiction treatment, as well as behavioural addiction treatment, such as sex, gambling, internet and food.

Using our proven Twin Pillars approach, The Dawn skilfully balances wellness and rehabilitation services. In addition to our addiction treatment options, we also provide superior residential care for the treatment of trauma and PTSDexecutive burnout, depression, anxiety, as well as an integrated treatment plan for co-occurring disorders that often accompany the addiction disorders.

Comprehensive Wellness Retreat & Addiction Rehab in Thailand

One of the most reputable and well-respected addiction rehab and wellness centres in Thailand, The Dawn takes a holistic approach towards addiction and mental health treatment. Our unique Twin Pillars Approach balances both rehabilitation and wellness and has a proven track record of success.

Medical expert making an assessment on a client at The Dawn rehab centre in Thailand

The Dawn is staffed with some of Asia’s most renowned addiction experts and mental health professionals, who are available 24/7 to assist in making your stay comfortable and fruitful.

TMS treatment session at The Dawn rehab centre in Thailand

We incorporate innovative treatments such as TMS therapy and EMDR with traditional methods such as CBT, 12 step and holistic treatment to create the most effective treatment programme.

Luxury Rehab In Thailand

Our addiction rehab & wellness centre boasts private accommodation, tranquil grounds and resort-like facilities – all perfectly nestled in the foothills of picturesque Chiang Mai


We believe in our programme and are confident we have put together the highest quality treatment, clinical team, and facility to ensure the highest opportunity for success. Our client’s lifelong recovery and success are what we care most about at The Dawn. We also realise that relapse and setbacks are a reality for many beginning their recovery journey, which is why we offer a relapse assurance guarantee for our clients who are treated for drug and alcohol addiction.

Our Relapse Assurance Guarantee ensures that a client who has completed our full programme, can come back to The Dawn for 30 days if they relapse for any reason, at no additional cost. During the month-long programme, we will help our clients identify the reasons for the relapse and get back on the right track of recovery. Contact us today to find out more about our Relapse Assurance Guarantee.

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Why Choose The Dawn Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Thailand

High Quality Treatment

Effective treatment and rehabilitation services at an affordable price, with our prices at a quarter of the price of a Western centre.

Exclusive & Personalised

Highly-personalised and flexible addiction and mental health treatment programmes that are tailored to meet each client's unique requirements.

Ethical Standards

The Dawn adheres to the highest standards of integrity and ethical principles with one goal in mind - our client's successful recovery.

Onsite Detoxification Centre

Licensed onsite medical facility providing the proper medical assistance for drug and alcohol detox.

1:1 Client to Staff Ratio

We offer the highest quality care and service to ensure all clients are well supported.

Private Accommodation

Comfortable and private room in a beautiful riverside facility with full-service amenities at your fingertips.


Holistic Wellness Therapy
We incorporate a wide range of holistic approaches, such as mindfulness, yoga and meditation,  to help our clients develop mental strength and improve overall health and well-being.
The Dawn Rehab in Thailand offers an online aftercare support

The Dawn offers a structured aftercare support comprising of online private and group counselling to help you prevent relapse and overcome your issues.

Rehab Testimonial

Here are some of the testimonials from our former clients and their family members, highlighting their personal experiences at The Dawn and how their lives have changed forever.

A new way to live.

A new day to start.





The Dawn Rehab is not only beautiful, but incredibly effective. They changed my life.


 Want to learn more? Contact us today.