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Here’re 5 lies female sex addicts tell themselves.

Five Lies Female Sex Addicts Tell Themselves

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There are many reasons why women have a hard time accepting that their sexual behaviour may actually be indicative of a sex addiction. The reality is, you are not alone.

Trying to convince yourself that what you are dealing with isn’t sex addiction? Learn about five common ways women lie to themselves about what they are experiencing.

The Reality of Sex Addiction for Women

Broadly speaking, sex addiction occurs when you are no longer able to manage your sexual behaviour, and the results of this lack of control affect your work, personal relationships, or daily activities. Commonly dismissed by many as an addiction only men struggle with, women experiencing a sex addiction may feel ashamed, alone and marginalised.

Female sex addiction tends to manifest somewhat differently than it does in men, with root causes of the addiction stemming from a need for power, control, or attention. This results in women being more likely to experience their sex addiction through fantasy sex, seductive role sex, trading sex, or pain exchange. Compulsive sexual behaviour can also act as a form of escape from emotional pain or stress.

Signs of a Sex Addiction

If you are living with a sex addiction, you’ll likely recognise some of the following signs:

  • Repetitive and compulsive sexual activities that take priority over your health, work or personal relationships
  • Continued sexual behaviour despite negative consequences or lack of satisfaction
  • A pattern of trying and failing to stop or reduce engaging in negative sexual behaviour
  • Feelings such as guilt, shame or detachment around sex
  • Having a feeling of “falling in love” with almost any partner

What Causes a Sex Addiction?

The causes of sex addiction can vary greatly between individuals, and may be linked to emotional trauma, adverse childhood experiences or other mental health conditions. This is why professional support is so important in helping address sex addiction and securing a healthier relationship with sex.

Common factors playing a role in sex addiction can include:

  • Moods, including stress, depression and loneliness
  • Brain chemistry, particularly neurochemical differences in the reward centre of the brain
  • Hormones, as the overproduction of androgen may put a person at risk for sex addiction
  • History of abuse, including physical, sexual or emotional abuse

Overcoming Sex Addiction at The Dawn

The Dawn Thailand is the best sanctuary to heal your past trauma.

At The Dawn Wellness Centre and Rehab Thailand, we understand the unique struggles that women face with sex addiction and offer compassionate, specialised treatment to help you overcome it. We will work with you to develop a personalised plan of care that will address your addiction in a comprehensive and effective way, addressing the root causes while also nurturing healthy habits and coping mechanisms to maintain your recovery.

The Dawn’s Signature Addiction Programme

We offer a special six-week programme specifically for clients suffering from addiction which is delivered by our compassionate, Western-trained team of psychotherapists. Our unique Twin Pillars approach focuses on holistic healing, blending successful Western psychotherapeutic techniques with proven Eastern wellness practices like yoga and meditation. 

Our secluded, resort-like location just outside the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand offers a verdant oasis of peace where you can focus solely on your recovery. If you’re ready to embrace a healthy, happy future, call us today to learn more about how we can meet your needs.

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