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Don’t Let a Hot Career Burn You Out

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If you’re feeling like your career is throwing your life out of balance, professional burnout may be to blame.

Just Tired or Burnt Out?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and generally unsatisfied with work? You may be experiencing burnout. Answer these following questions to gauge whether normal workplace stress has transitioned into professional burnout.











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Professional burnout can be a difficult issue to tackle. Limited time, overwhelming workplace responsibility, lack of motivation towards your job, or cynicism about your role can all delay the personal paradigm shift needed to address burnout and regain professional energy, creativity, and commitment. To avoid the long-term impacts burnout can have on both your personal and professional life, it is important to recognise the signs of burnout, and reach out for expert guidance and support.

What is Burnout?

Burnout is described by the World Health Organisation as a syndrome resulting from chronic, unmanaged workplace stress. Burnout can come from constantly working long hours, but it can also arise in situations where you have very little control in the workplace, or if your job is conflicting with personal values or aspirations. Classic signs of burnout include:

  • Lack of energy or exhaustion
  • Decreased efficiency in the workplace
  • Increased detachment from work, or ongoing negative feelings regarding a job

Burnout and stress share many similar characteristics, but the primary difference between the two is length of symptoms experienced. If you’re noticing you’re feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, but it’s dissipating after a particularly demanding project, what you’re experiencing is most likely stress. It’s when these feelings about work are persistent and increasingly negative over a long period of time that you have likely begun to struggle with burnout. 

Real Stress, Real Impacts: Consequences of Burnout

It might seem easier to try and ignore burnout and “push through it.” Since burnout is partially caused by limitations on personal time and care caused by work-related demands, people may feel they simply don’t have time to deal with these feelings.  

However, when burnout is not addressed, the consequences can be toxic to other aspects of your life. Burnout-related sadness, anger, or irritability can harm relationships with friends and family.  Additionally, prolonged exposure to work-related stress can result in physical impacts like fatigue, insomnia, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Burnout can even play a role in other mental health issues, such as depression or alcohol or substance misuse.

Regaining Energy and Focus with The Dawn’s Professional Burnout Programme

Overcoming burnout requires sustainable lifestyle changes to bring your life back into balance. Burnout is highly treatable, but requires the establishment of new, healthy habits – a process that can be challenging when you’re stuck at the office.

The Dawn is located in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand in a serene, riverside location completely removed from the stressors at work. We offer a highly personalised Professional Burnout Programme that combines daily one-on-one sessions with holistic therapies and wellness practices designed to help you quickly and completely address professional burnout. 

The Dawn is the only wellness centre in Asia that utilises a psychotherapeutic approach to address the root cause of burnout, and clearly identify the tools that clients need to cope with stress and reconnect with themselves and their needs and goals.

Connect with The Dawn today to discuss how we can work with your scheduling needs to help you in overcoming burnout.

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