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Work obligations can cause a buildup of stress, leading to burnout if left untreated.

Are You Experiencing Job Burnout & Emotional Exhaustion? Take Our Burnout Syndrome Test

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The world of business has always been competitive and demanding, with consistent demands for both speed and quality coming from all sides. Those who consider themselves to be hard workers may be successful at keeping up with expectations, but at times the pressure can begin to feel overwhelming. Simply put, we all need to take care of ourselves and be selfish – at least once in a while – or risk pushing ourselves past healthy limits. If you think you may have already gone beyond those limits, and are suffering from burnout syndrome, test yourself with our online quiz below.

Taking the Burnout Test Online

In a nutshell, burnout refers to the loss of energy, enthusiasm, and emotional balance that tends to occur when people are overworked or overstressed for long periods of time. To find out if you meet the criteria, answer the following questions as truthfully as you can:

Understanding Your Results for the Burnout Symptoms Test

As you have likely guessed, people suffering from burnout are much more likely to answer ‘c’ for many of the questions above. But all of your answers will be meaningful, and having many ‘a’ answers would likely indicate that you haven’t reached your personal limits yet with regard to work and stress.

To calculate your score on the burnout syndrome test, count the number of times you answered ‘c’, and then subtract the number of times you answered ‘a’.

If the resulting number is above zero, then you may be beginning to feel the effects of prolonged stress at work or in your family life. If the number is 3 or higher, then it is safe to say that the pressure is beginning to have serious effects on your well-being. Any score above 5 should be considered a real indication that you have reached the point of physical burnout, and will need to make genuine changes to your lifestyle – even if only temporarily – to bring your body back to a normal equilibrium.

How to Recover from Burnout

Sometimes, life just isn’t fair. The people most susceptible to burnout are the ones who work the hardest, who are most diligent and responsible, and who make every effort to serve those around them. These personality traits are admirable, but they also present a quicker path to physical as well as emotional exhaustion – particularly during demanding times. Sometimes you just have to detach from work obligations, and take care of yourself.

As with other conditions, prevention is far better than cure, and burnout can best be avoided by moderating your time commitments. If the demands of your job or family life are truly heavy and can’t be avoided, then at the very least, devote one hour per day to yourself alone. This time can be spent listening to quiet music, taking a nap, getting exercise, meditating, going out with friends, or some other form of escapist entertainment to give yourself a mental as well as physical break from work.

If you already suffer from burnout, then all of the same remedies will help – but in larger doses. A real holiday in a relaxing location, putting physical distance between you and your job, can work wonders in getting you back on track. One-on-one therapy sessions are excellent ways to help people deal with their stress through counselling or physical exercise.

A break from other forms of stress can also help you recover from burnout more quickly. Switching off from the conflict-filled modern news cycle, the world of internet connection in general, and social media in particular, can help you preserve your mental energy instead of squandering it unnecessarily.

Burnout Recovery at The Dawn Rehab Thailand

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The Dawn offers comprehensive support for clients experiencing burnout and a wide range of other mental health conditions, including depressionsubstance useco-occuring disorders and other related afflictions which may appear alongside burnout or independently. To learn more about how our treatments can bring you back to a state of wellness and personal fulfilment, contact The Dawn today for an immediate assistance.

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