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Learn about 8 Great Mood-Boosting Foods

Eight Great Mood Boosting Foods

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While many of us turn to fatty or sugary snacks in times of stress, healthy food has a much stronger potential to positively impact our mood and reduce our stress levels. Know what to stock up on the next time you are trying to bounce back from a bad day.

Junk Food Got You in a Funk?

For many people, dealing with stress means chowing down on snacks. Eating your feelings is a common way to cope with depression, anxiety, and life’s challenges. While the pint of ice cream on your couch may bring some temporary relief, studies have shown that the junk foods we typically turn to in times of stress, can actually have a negative impact on our ability to improve our mood.

Recent studies have shown a link between depression and anxiety and unhealthy diets. While it is not yet clear if junk food plays a key role in causing these disorders, or mainly exacerbates symptoms, it is generally agreed that the inflammation which results from consumption of processed foods and snacks high in sugar contributes to increased stress. So even though that bag of crisps might sound good, bingeing on junk food when you are already feeling edgy could contribute to a longer standing issue with stress.

Why Eating Healthy Matters

Food is a basic need, an essential component for our survival. Though many of us get a bit cavalier when it comes to our diets, it is important to remember that nourishing ourselves with high-quality, nutritious food is crucial to our overall wellbeing. A recent clinical study found that eating healthy foods over a three-month period had a significant impact in improving mood and relieving symptoms of depression

When eating specifically to boost your mood, it is important to focus on variety and target specific foods that can increase your energy, stabilise your blood sugar, and promote the release of feel-good neurotransmitters in your brain. This includes food like lean meats, nuts, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and whole grains. Incorporating these foods regularly in your diet can have a surprising impact on your daily energy levels as well as your overall outlook.

Feeding Your Body and Your Mind at The Dawn

Feeding Your Body and Your Mind at The Dawn Rehab Thailand

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