Do you find yourself reaching for marijuana when the pain of your depression becomes unbearable? Or using unprescribed benzos to calm your anxiety? Do you drink to numb down the effects of your unresolved trauma? It’s easy to see why many people use substances as a temporary escape. But that behaviour quickly leads to addiction – and leaves the underlying issue unresolved.

If this sounds familiar to you, you’re certainly not alone – mental health disorders are a major driver of substance abuse. In fact, it’s estimated that people with existing mental health disorders are accountable for the consumption of roughly 38 percent of all alcohol and 44 percent of all cocaine. And since dual diagnosis puts you at greater risk of self-harm and self-destructive behaviours, it’s important that it’s treated professionally.

The good news is, The Dawn has a comprehensive treatment programme designed to effectively tackle both addiction and mental health disorders, so you can learn to manage your conditions and move on to living the life you deserve.

We incorporate a wide range of holistic approaches to help our clients develop mental strength and improve overall health.

We employ a team of licensed professionals who have extensive experience in the fields of mental health and addiction.

Weekly excursions are offered free of charge so you can experience the cultural and beauty of nearby attractions in Chiang Mai.

Why The Dawn is Your Best Choice for Dual Diagnosis Rehab in Thailand

Spacious Client Room at The Dawn Dual Diagnosis Rehab Thailand

At The Dawn, you’re in good hands – we’re staffed by an internationally renowned team of fully licensed clinicians with extensive experience in treating addiction and mental disorders. Our high staff-to-client ratio ensures you’ll receive full attention and support whenever you need it. Because we’re smaller-scale, we experience lower turnover. This means you’ll have the opportunity to get to know people you’re in treatment with, and feel comfortable sharing your experiences with them without having to worry about the social anxiety-inducing dynamic that’s present at a lot of bigger rehabs. In fact, many of our clients leave treatment having gained new, lifelong friends.


Why Inpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facilities are the Most Effective Option

If you’re looking to make lasting life change, inpatient treatment is the most effective avenue for doing so. That’s because, when you live onsite at a rehab facility, every aspect of your treatment is more immersive. You’ll receive 24/7 onsite assistance and safe supervision, robust peer and professional support, and have access to numerous therapy options. And you’ll be completely removed from damaging influences and triggers, so you can concentrate on getting well.

How The Dawn Treats Co-Occurring Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

Upon arrival, we thoroughly assess each and every one of our clients to ensure that they’re given the best treatment plan possible. Our dual diagnosis treatment programme is highly personalised, and consists of both conventional psychological treatment and alternative wellness therapies to support your healing on a deep level.

Our Twin Pillars Treatment Approach

Our well-rounded treatment approach utilises time-tested methods such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy (MCBT) and 12-Step framework. While you’re here, you’ll participate in:

  • Individual and group counselling
  • Family therapy
  • Behavioural therapies
  • Support groups

Your therapist will also provide a customised relapse prevention plan designed specifically for your circumstances, and you’ll receive eight weeks of free online aftercare support to a successful transition back into your daily life.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at The Dawn Rehab Includes CBT and 12 Steps
Clients at The Dawn Rehab Enjoy a Visit to an Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai

Alternative Therapies

We offer an array of alternative therapies to support your rehabilitation and help you cultivate a self-care practice that will sustain your sobriety for years to come. These include:

  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Spa and massage therapy
  • Fitness exercise
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Art therapy
  • Muay Thai
  • Offsite excursions

Throughout your stay, you’ll also have full access to our gym, swimming pool and meditation spaces to help you de-stress and feel well every day.

Thailand: A Restorative Setting for Dual Diagnosis Recovery

The Dawn’s facility is located just outside the ancient city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Our naturally beautiful surroundings provide the space you need to get away from it all and focus on yourself. We also ensure that you’re nourished with healthy food, and that you have plenty of opportunities for relaxation to bring your body and mind back into a state of balance.

A Day at The Dawn

We believe in healing the whole person. You’ll receive intensive therapy, but meditation, relaxation, movement and recreational activities will all play an important role in your treatment. Here’s an example of what a typical day looks like at The Dawn:

07:00: Morning yoga / cycling
08:00: Breakfast
09:30: Process /  trauma group
10:50: Tai Chi or circuit training / cardio
11:30: Focus group 1
12:30: Lunch
13:30: Focus group 2
14:30: Individual counselling, massage
18:00: Dinner
19:30: Offsite NA / AA meeting
20:30: Rest & relaxation
22:00: Bedtime