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Here at The Dawn we are dedicated to improving our clients’ lives because we believe everyone is important and special – our clients as well as our staff. This attitude has cultivated our warm and friendly work environment where everyone is always ready to lend a helping hand. It makes us look forward to coming into work each day – so if you are a caring and talented professional, we are happy to consider your resume.


Major duties and responsibilities
  1. Receive and respond to incoming calls, emails and other channels from potential clients and family
  2. Exchange information to identify client needs and determine the Company’s ability to meet them.
  3. Identify the best product/service to offer clients and/or family
  4. Provide follow-up information, including templated responses, to clients and family
  5. Plan and make follow-up calls/emails systematically
  6. Arrange an assessment of clients with clinical team
  7. Liaise with the Clinical, Medical and Support departments on the admission process
  8. Keeps management informed by submitting activity and reports. Reports will be daily enquiry logs with weekly and monthly sales reports
  9. Achieve weekly/monthly/annual performance targets
  10. Undertake ongoing skills and development training
  11. Other duties as required by the Sales Director
  • Native English Speaker
  • Age: 28+
  • Knowledge of sales-based database systems
  • Strong sales skills tempered by empathic approach
  • Proficient in relevant office computer software and applications
  • Experience in health care delivery /International Rehabilitation Center/International Hospital or related business experience would be a plus

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    Major duties and responsibilities
    • Managing and executing all nursing duties from clients’ admission to programmed completion
    • Consulting with clinical team members to develop and implement individualized treatment plans
    • Monitoring and administering medications
    • Attending daily morning and evening handovers
    • Documenting patient history, symptoms, assessments, tests, and care according to standard guidelines
    • Maintaining required client records related to assessments, diagnoses and treatments
    • Reviewing patient history, diagnostics, and lab data, and report any abnormalities
    • Educating patient and family on managing injuries and illnesses to ensure a safe and successful discharge
    • Good in English, conversation and writing
    • Bachelors of Science in Nursing
    • Have Thai driver license, good in driving
    • Possible working night shifts
    • Well organised & Good Time Management

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      The Dawn Medical Rehab and Wellness Centre is seeking a psychotherapist to join our multidisciplinary team. The psychotherapist will be responsible for providing direct clinical services to individuals and groups. The psychotherapist will work closely with the clinical team in a collaborative way, presenting cases, and giving and receiving feedback on the clinical work. The psychotherapist will have training and experience in assessment and treatment of trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems as well as family therapy. The psychotherapist will also be encouraged to engage in professional development by attending trainings and conferences.

      Major duties and responsibilities

      • Conduct clinical intake assessments.
      • Provide evidence-based psychotherapy to patients with anxiety, mood, and substance abuse disorders in group and individual settings.
      • Attend weekly clinical, supervision, and administrative meetings.
      • Perform other duties as assigned.


      • Bachelor’s Degree in psychology or related field
      • 3 years of experience as a clinician in a mental health setting
      • Excellent written and oral communication skills
      • Must be highly organized, detail oriented, and reliable


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        Qualification and Experience

        • Famale, English native speaking
        • A degree in counselling, addiction, mental health, psychology, nursing, or social work is preferred
        • Fair understanding of professional boundaries in the workplace
        • Previous experience working in a rehab or healthcare setting with individuals who have mental health and addictions issues, or other qualifications determined to be reasonable and relevant to the level of work

        Skills and Abilities

        • Ability to organize your own work routines effectively, demonstrating initiative, with a limited supervision
        • Numeracy and literacy skills required for documentation within client records
        • Organizational and time management skills to enable workload prioritization and adaptation to ensure competing demands on time and resources can be met
        • Personal skills that will assist in the building of rapport with clients such as patience, empathy, sense of humour, non-judgmental and a flexible approach
        • Ability to adapt communication methods to manage the variable needs of clients with mental health issues who may be distressed, depressed or anxious
        • Ability to report informally and formally at multi-disciplinary meetings on clients’ performance, to therapists and other members of the multi-disciplinary teams
        • Sound judgment and good observation skills
        • Work cooperatively as part of a multidisciplinary team and able to communicate effectively at all levels, verbally and in writing
        • Ability to use a variety of IT/digital application
        • Ability to drive with Thai or International driving license 

        Personal Qualities

        • Punctual and reliable to ensure professional service
        • Strong work ethics, integrity, and customer service focus
        • Initiative to act without prompting, to anticipate and seek to resolve problem
        • Patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations
        • Ability to act professionally at all time
        • Positive “can do, will do” attitude
        • Be comfortable taking on additional responsibility as required by management including your own area of accountability within the service

        Main Accountabilities and Approximate Time Splits (%)

        1. Performing operational activities (45%)

        1.1) Ensure the highest quality of care and service is delivered to clients in accordance with their treatment plan by:

        • Working effectively as a member of a team in providing emotional, mental, and social support within a community environment
        • Responding to clients’ issues and concerns, irregular situations, and other service needs where appropriate
        • Forming professional relationships with clients and communicate with them in a way that respects their views, autonomy, and culture
        • Maintaining accurate records within a secure environment that protects client confidentiality
        • Maintaining personal hygiene and dress standard

        1.2) Encourage clients to engage in therapeutic activities to promote independence and improving well-being.
        1.3) Observe and monitor clients’ progress, symptoms and behavioural changes and report significant observations.
        1.4) Conduct intake process for new clients including airport/hotel pickup, site orientation, explaining programme and community rules, client’s rights, and obligations.
        1.5) Accompany clients on offsite activities in the evenings and weekends i.e. offsite meetings, excursion, and shopping trip.
        1.6) Provide assistance and/or instruction to clients in participation in all aspects of the programmes such as exercise, group activities, counselling, mealtimes, offsite meetings, including homework and assignments.
        1.7) Conduct discharge process to ensure that all clients’ valuables are returned, and relevant paperwork signed off including the submission of client satisfaction survey and online aftercare registration.
        1.8) Encourage and support client transition to sober living / step-down programme.

        2. Administration and reporting (40%)

        2.1) Prepare client schedules, welcome pack, and intake documents for new clients.
        2.2) Coordinate room status updates with the Housekeeping department during pre-arrival, arrival, and discharge.
        2.3) Collaborate with the kitchen team for food restriction/allergies or special request as per approval from the Head of Facilities/Operations.
        2.4) Collaborate with the Fitness and Wellness team and Massage team for client schedule adjustment when needed.
        2.5) Collaborate with Finance department for client personal expense account including reviewing and monitoring client’s remaining balance throughout their treatment period.
        2.6) Collaborate with the Maintenance team for maintenance and repair on a timely manner.
        2.7) Monitor and arrange visa extension service for International clients in good time.
        2.8) Complete and submit documentation relating to excursion and other offsite activities in accordance with policy and procedures.
        2.9) Report effectively to the multi-disciplinary teams on client’s performance and progress during Clinical Meeting / Daily handover meetings / Shifts within the support team.
        2.10) Report unresolved issues, concerns, or irregular situations between clients or between clients and staff to management as appropriate.
        2.11) Daily log Support Notes and read all relevant information in the Clients Database.
        2.12) Ensure client information in all the related Google spreadsheets is complete and updated on a timely manner.

        3. Continuous quality improvement (15%)

        3.1) Report complaints, compliments and feedback process relating to the programme and operational services to ensure timely resolution and contribution to continuous quality improvement.
        3.2) Contribute to the review, analysis and improvement of the department.
        3.3) Proactively contribute to care planning and take ownership for keeping your own knowledge up to date by regularly reviewing all relevant documentation (WIs) and manual materials.


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