The Dawn Alcohol Addiction Treatment
Individual counselling session at The Dawn alcohol rehab in Thailand

The Dawn offers affordable, high quality alcohol addiction treatment in Thailand.

Our centre is considered to be a rising star in effective inpatient addiction programme with our comprehensive approach to patient care through intensive rehabilitation and wellness therapy. Our facilities are situated in Northern Thailand’s picturesque city of Chiang Mai and our clients are given the best treatment options with our licensed team of addiction professionals that have extensive experience in their respective fields.

The Dawn’s treatment programme is made up of detoxification and addiction treatment. We handle both alcohol detoxification and drug detoxification at our centre, to help clients cope with withdrawal and other uncomfortable symptoms. It is often recommendable for those entering rehab to undergo supervised detoxification before beginning their path to recovery, particularly in cases when a client has been using for a long duration or is heavily under the influence. Whether detox is required depends on an initial assessment that we conduct prior to entering rehab. We offer a fully equipped onsite medical detox centre as well as medical staff who are available at all hours.

Once the detox has taken place (if at all), then we can focus on treating the actual addiction. The Dawn’s programme uses an original and unique approach called the Twin Pillars approach, the 12-step principles and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), as well as a complimentary wellness programme. We also help our clients tackle their mental health issues that co-occur with addiction disorders. Our highly-personalised treatment combines both Western and Eastern methodology to effectively help our clients acquire the best tools to achieve sobriety and overcome alcohol dependence.

Addiction treatment and rehabilitation

For the first pillar, we concentrate on rehabilitation by providing our clients with the essential tools that can put an end to negative behaviour and motivate them to be self-sufficient. Vital elements of our rehabilitation programme feature MBCT, which promotes the essence of the present moment and encourages individuals to handle the situations in a non-judgemental way, plus the secular 12 Steps, which is a group therapy model that provides our clients with a safe space to engage in peer discussion and receive social support.

Wellness Therapy

The second pillar offers a wellness programme that has been designed to provide our clients with the mental strength and tools that they need to improve their lives. The wellness programme is made up of numerous essential elements including mindfulness and meditation, spa and massage therapy, physical exercise and healthy diet. In addition to this, we also use humanistic therapy to assist our clients in developing a strong and healthy sense of self, as well as the ability to recognise and understand their feelings to achieve greater life meaning. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, or MBCT, is also used to assist clients who are battling with addiction and mental health by developing ongoing awareness of the body and mind, as well as promoting the acceptance of the present moment.

What are the benefits of inpatient alcohol addiction treatment in Thailand?

Removed Triggers

Onsite assistance around the clock

A structured programme

Safe monitoring

An array of therapy options

Healthy eating and wholesome nutrition

Vital tools for recovery

Peer and professional support

Focused attention to self

Group therapy session at The Dawn alcohol rehab in Thailand

What makes The Dawn ideal for inpatient alcohol treatment?

The Dawn is equipped with a licensed team of addiction professionals who have extensive experience and are able to create highly customised and intensive alcohol addiction treatment in Thailand to suit each individual’s exact needs. We also offer high-quality treatments at an affordable price, with our prices at a quarter of the price of a Western centre.

Additionally, we provide 24-hour medical support and a detoxification centre onsite and boast an impressive 1:1 staff to client ratio. Online aftercare support is also available up to 8 weeks post-treatment at no additional cost.


We provide a mixture of Eastern and Western methods to ensure that our clients get all the tools that they need to lead a happy and healthier life.


We offer a complete lifestyle transformation through our highly-personalised, intensive treatment that is tailor-made to suit each individual’s specific needs.


Our team of licensed professionals are available every step of the way, and we provide an impressive 1:1 staff to client ratio.

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