Combating addiction is a process that requires work, support and guidance over a long period of time. To achieve this goal, our dedicated staff will help you identify coping mechanisms and manage the triggers that will inevitably come your way. By understanding the elements that push you towards drugs and alcohol, you will be well equipped to squash these urges as they arise.

At The Dawn, we help you develop your own relapse prevention plan, specifically designed to prepare you for situations where relapse might be a temptation. This effort will provide a strong foundation for your long-term recovery, and also help you learn to practice mindfulness and create routines for a healthy lifestyle. The main treatments utilised during a stay at The Dawn are designed to provide opportunities for clients to understand and better identify their warning signs and triggers, empowering them to intervene early and avoid a relapse.

Family Programme

Intensive 3-day educational workshops for family members

Online Aftercare Support

Complimentary online private & group counselling post-treatment

Relapse Prevention

Weekly AA/NA meetings access plus 90-min session post-treatment

Dedicated Support Staff

1:1 staff to client ratio to ensure maximum care and support

Personalised Programme

A highly-personalised treatment plan to suit each individual's needs

24-7 Medical Support

Licensed medical professionals and onsite detoxification centre

What is a Sober Living House?

Primary inpatient addiction treatment lays a strong foundation for a new beginning without drugs or alcohol. But new routines must be practiced, refined and repeated before the body and mind truly accept them. Getting used to sobriety remains a challenge even under ideal conditions, but when the recovering addict directly goes back into society – to city streets full of bars and pharmacies; to friends and their parties; in short, to the very triggers that helped exacerbate their addiction in the first place – the struggle becomes much more difficult.

A sober living house is a semi-controlled environment where the residents are recovering addicts. No drugs or alcohol are allowed on the premises, and residents are encouraged to attend nearby AA or NA meetings during their stay. With the help of therapists and addiction experts, residents also engage in group discussion to talk about their experiences – and importantly, to share tips and advice with each other on how to deal with cravings when they are felt.

This supportive sober house living environment provides the necessary space for clients to develop their self-confidence, as well as the time to become comfortable with their new identities as former addicts. It differs from inpatient living because it re-introduces the client to a fully functional home environment, where residents are encouraged to live their own lives, return to work, go outside unsupervised, and re-integrate with society one step at a time.


The Benefits of a Sober Living Facility

Many of our clients need time to find their footing once again after completing primary addiction recovery treatment. They find our sober living house to be both liberating and supportive, allowing for the type of progressive recovery that provides the best chance of long-term success. Studies agree that a sober sober house greatly reduces the likelihood of relapse. A far greater percentage of patients in such a programme remain clean after 18 months, when compared with those who try to re-enter society directly after treatment.

In fact, further research shows a variety of other benefits as well. Statistically, a sober living facility leads to improved psychiatric evaluations, fewer arrests, and higher levels of employment – even after long periods of time have passed. Particularly when used in combination with additional recovery initiatives, such as participation in AA or NA meetings, a sober living environment can put our clients on the clearest path to long-term recovery.

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About The Dawn Sober House

The Dawn Sober House is located onsite at The Dawn’s Chiang Mai riverside location, and is available for selected clients who have completed at least 3 months of primary treatment. Only those clients who have been assessed by the clinical manager and have been deemed suitable for the programme will be accepted. The price of the programme is $5000 per month, and a minimum stay of 2 months is required.

Each participant in The Dawn Sober House programme will receive the following:

  • Food and accommodation with laundry services
  • Dedicated weekly process group for Sober House clients only
  • One individual counselling session per week
  • Daily process group with the primary programme clients
  • Access the gym and the trainer
  • 24/7 medical care
  • Consultation with the psychiatrist.


The daily Sober House programme parallels the primary programme in the morning. Sober House clients will attend the morning process on a daily basis, just as primary clients do. Afterwards, however, Sober House clients will be able to leave The Dawn premises and attend offsite 12-step meetings and attend to other interests. Sober House clients are encouraged to try to integrate into the community by furthering their education and engaging in healthy activities in Chiang Mai, or online.

Clients will attend 1 weekly individual session with a counsellor at The Dawn, and will attend one specialised process group for Sober House clients only. Clients will be expected back onsite by 9 pm each evening and will stay onsite at The Dawn. All food is included in this programme.