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Addiction Treatment and Superannuation:
How Australians Can Benefit

Did you know that Australians are the third largest client group by country here at The Dawn? A key reason Aussies seek treatment abroad are the long waitlists to access addiction treatment in Australia. As addiction is a serious, life-threatening condition that requires immediate care, many clients realise that putting off rehab is not an option.

Our clients are drawn to The Dawn because of our professional reputation, our holistic, personalised approach to treatment, and the cost-effectiveness of our programme compared to private treatment options in Australia. While The Dawn is more affordable, we find many of our clients have not financially prepared for emergency treatment and choose to access their superannuation savings to fund their rehab, or to pay for a loved one’s treatment.

Accessing Your Superannuation Plan

Generally, securing early access of your superannuation takes approximately two weeks. While you can find more information regarding the process here, we have also included a few steps below:

You are welcome to contact our Admissions Team, who have experience in dealing with Australian superannuation, for guidance as to how to go about the process of early access to you Super. Our staff can help answer any questions you might have, and assist with your preparation for treatment. We look forward to working together with you as you discover a new future at The Dawn.

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