COVID-19's Impact on Depression

Is the Coronavirus taking a toll on your mental health? With updates every day, every hour, every minute about COVID-19, fear and anxiety about the unknown can worsen pre-existing mental health conditions and lead to new symptoms like panic attacks, obsessive compulsive behaviours and abuse of drugs and alcohol to cope.

People with pre-existing mental health conditions should continue with their treatment and be aware of new or worsening symptoms. However, if you are finding things like national “shut downs” just too overwhelming to cope with, it could be an opportune time to seek treatment abroad.

  • Thailand has been ranked by the US as one of the world’s best prepared countries for COVID-19. We have just 2 cases of COVID-19 per 1 million of population, substantially lower than in Europe and the US, where records show over 200 cases per 1 million of population (March 2020).
  • All incoming clients at The Dawn are specifically tested for COVID-19 prior to admission into our centre, which is set in a gated compound 60 minutes from the city’s tourist hubs.
  • We are also capping admissions at 15 clients during this time to ensure maximum health safety.