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What is Addiction? Signs, Symptoms and Treatments

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Addiction occurs when a person uses a substance and cannot stop using it, such as with alcohol and drug addiction. People can also become addicted to an activity, which is called process or behavioural addiction. The compulsion that an addict develops becomes too strong to control, even if it has negative effects.

When a person starts using drugs, they do not plan to become an addict. They simply enjoy how they feel when they use the substance or engage in an activity. They believe that they have control over the quantity and frequency of their use. What they are not aware of is the fact that addiction changes the way the brain’s reward system works. People who use substances have to have it in order to feel normal, which are signs and symptoms of addiction.

Sadly, addiction can take over their lives before they know it. Addiction can become a higher priority than the need to sleep or eat. The compulsion to obtain and use the drug can occupy the person’s mind and eventually take over their life. The addiction becomes more important than anything that the person used to like, and an addict may go to extreme lengths to maintain their habit, such as with stealing, lying or hurting other people.

What is Addiction?

Essentially, addiction is defined as a disease of the brain that is chronic and often relapsing. It alters the structure of the brain and the way that it functions, with effects that can last for a significant amount of time and can cause a multitude of issues, such as memory loss, mood swings and difficulty thinking to name a few. Addiction is comparable to diseases such as cancer or diabetes, and should not be viewed as a weakness. Anyone can develop an addiction.

What are Substance Addiction Symptoms and Signs?

An addict usually cannot stop abusing a substance on his or her own. They will continue to want, and feel the need for more. They might decide to stop, but feel sick due to withdrawal symptoms, which causes them to return to using in order to feel better again. An addict will keep using the substance even if it causes health, legal or relationship problems. That is why it is so important for addicts to get help and attend drug rehab in order to manage their addiction.

People with substance abuse problems may act differently than they did in the past. It is common for addicts to display signs and symptoms such as:

  • Become isolated and spent more time on their own
  • Lose interest in things that they used to enjoy
  • Neglect hygiene
  • Feel sad and tired
  • Be energetic, speak at an unusually fast pace or say things that make no sense
  • Be moody such as changing from happy to sad in a short amount of time
  • Sleep at odd hours
  • Significantly increase or decrease the amount of food that they eat
  • Experience work problems

How Does Substance Use Turn Into Addiction?

Not all people who use drugs or alcohol become addicted. Each individual’s brain and body works differently, so people do not react to substances in the same way. External factors such as stress, environment and relationships can also contribute to addiction. Many people wonder how taking substances turn into an addiction. It basically happens because our brains urge us to repeat whatever makes us feel good.

All addictions trigger the areas of the brain that make us feel good, thanks to a flood of dopamine. However, after continuous use of the substance, the brain’s reward system starts to get used to it, so the addict has to use more in order to reach the same feeling. In a short amount of time, the body and brain feel that they need the substance to even feel normal. An addict begins to feel horrible and sick without it, and no longer experiences the good feelings that occurred when they first started using.

Why Is It So Difficult To Overcome An Addiction?

Healing from addiction is no easy feat. It takes time, discipline and determination. Deciding to seek help is an important first step to overcoming addiction. Once a person is addicted, the thought of stopping can be incredibly scary and difficult, which is why many people will not quit until they have to. When a person stops using substances, their brain and body are immediately affected and cause symptoms of withdrawal that can be so intense that relapse seems like the only option.

How Can A Person Beat An Addiction?

Many people believe that going cold turkey is the way to stop addiction. While it can work for some, it is much more effective and safer to get professional help. Rehabilitation programmes are a great way to stop addiction. Addicts will be in a supportive and supervised environment where they will learn the tools that they need to overcome their addiction and addiction symptoms can be properly managed. They will also be able to interact with people who understand exactly what they are going through, who are able to offer advice and keep them motivated.

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