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What It Means to be a Sex Addict and How to Treat Sex Addiction

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The term sex addict is used quite often these days, though most people do not know what it really means to live with this condition. We live in a society where we inaccurately label things as addictions, especially when it comes to behaviours. People tend to believe that a sex addict is a person who has a higher libido than what is considered to be normal or has weird fetishes, whilst others use it as an excuse for particular behaviours like cheating.

In reality, sex addiction comes in numerous forms, such as:

  • Looking for prostitutes
  • Online adultery
  • Or addiction to pornography

However, the underlying problems are the same. People who suffer from sex addiction cannot or do not know how to get their needs met in healthier means. Additionally, the internet has made it even easier for individuals with compulsive sexual behaviour to look for ways to gratify their compulsions.

Ultimately, sex addiction has the same consequences as any type of behavioural addiction, which is why the addict must treat sex addiction before it ruins their life.

What Causes Sex Addiction?

The exact causes of sex addiction are still being researched. Medical News Today states that it is believed that sex addiction could be linked to chemical variations in the brain or biochemical abnormality since psychotropic drugs and antidepressant medication can be used to effectively treat sex addiction in a large number of cases. Research also indicates that lesions found in certain areas of the brain could cause compulsive sexual behaviour.

Some studies suggest that sex addiction usually affects people from dysfunctional families. A sex addict is likely to have been abused by others in the past, and a significant amount of those who are in recovery to treat sex addiction have described some form of addiction within the family.

How Do You Treat a Sex Addict?

There are two vital parts in order to effectively treat a sex addict: therapy and a treatment programme. Sex addiction therapy is different from other types of addiction because complete sobriety is not the goal like it is with alcohol or drug addiction. Goals for sex addiction are actually established during treatment.

In therapy, sex addicts often work with a therapist to control the impulse that is associated with sexual addiction. This can be tricky since sex is recognised as a significant part of life. Therefore the goal is to learn to control the compulsion that the sex addict experiences, so the effort to engage in sex does not take over their whole life. There are various types of therapies that can be used to help the sex addict practice control over their sexual urges.

Therapy methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) are helpful when it comes to identifying automatic negative thought patterns. This is beneficial because the thoughts that contribute to unwanted behaviours can be adapted or stopped. CBT is also valuable because it helps to prevent relapse since potential triggers or situations that can enable addictive behaviour are identified and a plan is developed to help them avoid these triggers. Another goal of CBT is to learn how to form healthy and normal relationships.

Therapists may also examine the sex addict’s history to determine whether there are patterns in their life that could play a role in addiction. However, therapy on its own is usually not enough for sex addicts, which is why additional treatment methods are typically recommended to treat sex addiction.

Aside from CBT, other tools that are effective for treating sexual addiction include:

  • Individual counselling sessions
  • Group therapy
  • 12 Step techniques
  • Psycho-education
  • Family counselling

The Benefits of an Inpatient Programme to Treat Sex Addiction

There are numerous benefits of entering an inpatient programme for sexual addiction treatment. Perhaps the main reason why a residential facility is ideal is that you can completely focus on your recovery without any distractions.

It also offers other benefits such as being able to interact with other people who are in the same boat. A common occurrence during recovery from addiction is feeling isolated and alone. Inpatient programmes offer group therapy sessions that allow you to learn from other people who have gone through similar experiences and issues.

When choosing a programme for treating your addiction, it is highly recommendable to make sure that they offer aftercare. Aftercare is a vital part of long-term recovery since it gives you that extra support whenever you need it. Some treatment centres provide online aftercare options so that you can contact them from anywhere in the world.

Choosing The Dawn Rehab for Sex Addiction Treatment

Located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, The Dawn Rehab offers highly-personalised and intensive treatment that is tailored to offer our client’s the best chance of recovery. We use a holistic and non-religious approach that is applicable to anyone in recovery.

Our team of addiction professionals is licensed and qualified to treat all kinds of addiction. Aside from treating sex addiction, the team will be able to give you an evaluation to recognise any other existing disorders or conditions that could be getting in the way of your recovery, whether it is drug addiction, alcohol addiction or childhood trauma.

If you or someone you know is living with sex addiction, it is time to get treated and to start building a happier and healthier life. Contact The Dawn today to receive a no obligation assessment and find out how we can help.

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