Struggling with a Mental Health Issue?

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We understand how debilitating any mental health issue can be...

​It rules your emotionscontrols your life and makes you feel trapped in a reality that’s not your own. It can leave you feeling hopelessalone, afraid and, sometimes, even ashamed.

We understand how difficult it is to seek treatment but you MUST – because symptoms only worsen with time.

However, with the proper treatment you can absolutely find relief, learn to manage your disorder and live a full and healthy life again, just like our clients.

I suffered for more than 10 years because I thought treatment was beyond my means. In two months The Dawn has given me back my life, in fact a better version of it. And at half the price of what I would have paid in the UK.

Angela, 48
United Kingdom

Ex-client Christine Shares Her Thoughts.

We have helped those with




Major Depression


Professional Burnout


Mood Disorders


PTSD / Trauma



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Why Mental Health Treatment at The Dawn Works

A World Away from Your Stressors

Set along the banks of the Ping River, The Dawn is a lush oasis of peace surrounded by picturesque rice fields and traditional Thai villages – you will be a world away from the people, places and things that contribute to your condition.

Clinical Excellence

You will be in the hands of a compassionate and highly-experienced, Western-trained clinical team of psychologists, counsellors and therapists – each a specialist in their field.

Bespoke Treatment and Personal Attention

We cap admissions at 25, so our clinical team can give each client personal attention – adjusting your customised plan over the course of treatment to meet your evolving needs.

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Result-driven Depression Programme

Our programme combines the most effective Western psychotherapies with scientifically-proven ancient Eastern wellness practices, arming you with a complete toolkit for maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle going forward.

Asia’s Only Centre Offering TMS Treatment

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a cutting-edge, FDA approved, non-invasive technology that improves symptoms of depression, even in those resistant to medication. And when combined with psychotherapy enhances treatment outcomes greatly.

Affordable Lasting Recovery

The Dawn costs approximately 1/3 of the price of similar high-quality mental health retreats located in the West or Australia.

The Dawn's Facilities

There's Light At The End Of The Tunnel, We Promise.
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