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The Dawn Wellness Centre and Rehab in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Addiction is a disorder, not a weakness or a decision

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of treatment. The decision to get help is a very important first step.

But how can you be sure you’re choosing the right rehab? Your needs and circumstances are unique to you – and your treatment programme should be, too.

At The Dawn we will help you to understand the unique circumstances that contribute to your addiction and give you the tools you need to cope with your triggers going forward, as well as repair the damage that has been done.

You will learn how to confidently manage your life without the use of drugs, alcohol or addictive behaviours.

สำหรับคนไทยที่สนใจการรักษาศึกษาข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ ศูนย์สุขภาพจิต เดอะดอว์น เชียงใหม่

I was at my lowest point in life and needed help with my depression and alcohol addiction. Being in The Dawn for 3 months has helped me tremendously with my coping skills and learned so much about myself.  

If you want to get out of here in 28 days when there’s more benefit to be had for staying longer, then you may end up back in a rehab. 

Seth, Australia

“Here, I felt that I would be treated as an adult and with respect"

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Why Addiction Treatment at The Dawn Works

Set along the banks of the Ping River, The Dawn is a lush oasis of peace surrounded by picturesque rice fields and traditional Thai villages – you will be a world away from the people, places and things that contribute to your addiction.

Our Western-trained, master's degree level psychotherapists under the guidance of our Clinical Director, internationally-renowned addiction specialist David Smallwood, will ensure each client receives the ideal balance between rehabilitation, wellness, relaxation and therapeutic engagement.

We cap admissions at 25, so our clinical team can give each client personal attention – adjusting your
customised plan over the course of treatment to meet your evolving needs

Our programme incorporates the latest Western psychotherapeutic techniques augmented with ancient Eastern wellness practices such as Mindfulness Meditation, scientifically proven to reduce cravings

We tackle both your addiction and any underlying mental health disorders at an in-depth level to ensure the highest chance of lasting recovery

Our clinical team is supported by a 24-hour onsite professional nursing team who have vast experience in handling detox. Under the supervision of our psychiatrist who handles all medication prescription, the team carefully monitors and assists clients as required.

We offer a structured Aftercare Support Programme, accessible at your convenience no matter where you are in the world. This includes a personalised relapse prevention plan and weekly online group counselling session

The Dawn costs approximately 1/3 of the price of similar high-quality rehab's located in the West or Australia.


We are so confident in the effectiveness of our treatment programme that we’re the only rehab in Asia to offer a Relapse Assurance Policy. Should you relapse within a year of completing your primary treatment, you can return for 28 days at no additional cost

We have helped those with


Alcohol Addiction


Drug Addiction


Prescription Drug Addiction


Behavioural Addictions
(Sex, Gambling etc)


Contributing PTSD/Trauma


Dual-diagnosis: Addiction / Mental Health

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