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Life-Changing Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation in the Hills of Beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand

When a person is suffering from addiction, be it to drugs or alcohol, they may not realise the effect it has on not only them and their bodies, but on those closest to them as well.

The longer an addiction is left to continue, the more difficult it will be to break out of it. Whilst the path to overcoming addiction is a long and difficult one, The Dawn Rehabilitation offers the chance for a lasting recovery.

Customised Programmes with Private Counsellors

All staff at The Dawn Rehab are trained to the highest standard in the US, UK and Australia, and are qualified to deliver the therapy and assistance needed by those facing addiction. As well as treating the addiction itself, they look to discover and treat the underlying cause, be it a mental health issue such as PTSD, depression and anxiety. The Dawn Rehab also offers drug and alcohol detox programmes, with nurses and physicians on call round the clock, available to assist you in any way they can.

On entering The Dawn Rehab, you will be assessed based on your condition, and your background, to give you access to a team tailored to you and your needs, including whether or not you will be required to go through drug or alcohol detox. Each client battles addiction in their own way, and it’s essential that each individual is matched to the staff members that will help them most effectively.

The personalised approach means that clients will see quick and long-lasting results. As such, three one-on-one counseling sessions a week are available to clients, where they will be listened to, and the origins and causes of their alcohol addiction will be explored. Group therapy sessions are also kept as small as possible, which helps with the personalisation of the treatment.

Medical Expert Making an Assessment on a Client at The Dawn Rehab Thailand

The Dawn is staffed with some of Asia’s most renowned addiction treatment counsellors and healthcare professionals, who are available 24/7 to assist in making your stay comfortable and fruitful.

Innovative treatment method to treat addiction at The Dawn Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Thailand

The Dawn incorporates technologies such as TMS Therapy, EMDR, and Biomolecular Therapy with traditional methods such as CBT, 12 step, and holistic treatment to create the most effective treatment programme.

Luxury Accommodation

Our Lanna-style private room comes fully equipped and boast high quality teak furniture and bedding, with a wide range of amenities. You will enjoy the comfort of a king-size bed and private veranda that will make you feel at home.

Relapse Assurance POLICY

Perhaps the most important part of a client’s treatment at The Dawn Rehab is ensuring they don’t relapse into addictive tendencies once the programme is over. We are proud of our results and, as such, we offer a relapse assurance policy. Any client that falls back into addiction after leaving us, will be allowed back to The Dawn Rehab for 30 days, where we will identify the reasons behind their relapse, and guide them back to a healthy, addiction-free lifestyle.

How Alcohol and Drug Addiction is Treated Using our Twin Pillars Approach

The Twin Pillars approach has been developed over many years and is an effective blend of Eastern practices, and Western treatments and counseling. Those visiting The Dawn Rehab for drug or alcohol addiction treatment will have access to certified specialists in CBT (Cognitive-Based Therapies), who will help them in their recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction. Our experts employ a variety of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy techniques, as well as a group orientated 12-step programme, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction practices.

To ensure recovery is as effective as possible, our programme also seeks to discover the underlying cause behind the addiction, as well as identifying negative thought patterns. It teaches clients how to adopt new, healthier ways of thinking and behaving.

Luxurious Surroundings for a Complete Focus on Recovery

With the stress of rehabilitation and detox, it makes sense to go to a rehabilitation centre in healing surroundings. The Dawn Rehab is located on a tranquil river in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Clients are provided with a truly individual experience, and will have access to our Lanna-style private room, complimentary Wifi, private verandas, a pool, smoothie bar, sauna, library, beautiful walking paths, and a personal daily maid service.

You will also have the chance to take a local excursion around Northern Thailand as part of our all-inclusive drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme. Visiting tranquil mountaintop temples, trekking with elephants, or going a bit more extreme with zip-lining over the gorgeous forest canopies or white water rafting, will help you to focus on your recovery, and help to remove distractive thoughts.

Our services are absolutely 5-star, and are offered at a fraction of the price of Western centres. The vast majority of our clients come to us from countries in the West, Middle East, and Asia.

To ensure long-term positive change, we address underlying negative behaviours and reinforce positive behaviour.

Our integrated treatment is used to serve people with two or more mental health conditions or substance abuse.

We offer a structured online aftercare support to provide you with the care and guidance to overcome your addiction.


Why You Should Choose The Dawn Rehab Thailand

Highly Experienced Clinicians

Our team of Western-trained clinicians is licensed, experienced and specialised in treating addiction and mental health issues.

Exclusive & Personlised

Our intensive treatment programme is catered to each client and gives you the tools you need to maintain positive changes.

Ethical Standards

The Dawn adheres to the highest standards of integrity and ethical principles with one goal in mind - our client's successful recovery.


Licensed onsite medical facility providing the proper medical assistance for all detoxes.


We offer the highest quality care and service to ensure all clients are well supported.

Luxury Accommodation

Comfortable and private settings in a world-class and beautiful riverside facility.


“Incredible Wellness. I have been in residence at The Dawn Rehab, and have had amazing results after several weeks. I plan to extend my stay. My private room and villa are very comfortable. I feel safe, secure, and enjoy walking the tropical gardens daily. Highly recommend, I especially enjoy the fresh food, yoga, meditation, and program tailored to my specific needs. The staff and team are very professional and sincerely care about my recovery”.

M. O. Pugh

“I stayed at The Dawn for almost a month, from New Year’s Day 2017, until the end of January. The place was wonderful, the food incredible, and the staff was very kind and supportive. I’d struggled with alcoholism for my entire adult life, and this was the first step to my recovery. I’m 6 months sober now”.

J. Coffey

A new way to live.

A new day to start.

High Quality

Highest Trained & Qualified Clinical TeamHigh-End Luxury FacilityCutting Edge Treatment

High Quality

Highest Trained & Qualified Clinical TeamHigh-End Luxury FacilityCutting Edge Treatment

High Quality

Highest Trained & Qualified Clinical TeamHigh-End Luxury FacilityCutting Edge Treatment

The Dawn Rehab is not only beautiful, but incredibly effective. They changed my life.


The Dawn Rehab is not only beautiful, but incredibly effective. They changed my life.

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