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The Dawn’s Virtual Treatment Programme

Who is this programme suitable for?

This programme is for those facing challenges with their mental health, and/or addiction problems, or those suffering from professional burnout who are:

  • Unable to access treatment at this time due to lack of treatment options available where they live or due to local lockdown policies.
  • Recognise the need for professional treatment but are unsure if they are ready for a residential programme
  • Unable to enter residential treatment immediately due to personal obligations at home – children, work, etc.
  • Those who have finished primary treatment but need further support to maintain and strengthen their recovery

How will this programme help me?

We completely understand what it is like to be struggling with no support at a time when you need it most. Our caring and highly-experienced mental-health professionals will provide you with:

  • Individualised solution-focused therapies to get you back on your feet and keep you moving forward
  • Coping strategies to maintain your mental wellbeing during challenging times
  • Professional advice and emotional support as you navigate difficult situations
  • A feeling of safety and containment from the effects of (past) negative experiences

What does The Dawn’s Virtual Treatment Programme include?

4 Individual Counselling Sessions Per Week via Skype

Clients will receive 4 individual counselling sessions per week with one of our highly qualified psychotherapists. During these sessions clients build a trusting relationship with their counsellor to explore the issues that are affecting their lives and learn a variety of new coping strategies to alleviate their problems and difficulties.  For those clients who suffer from addiction, you will have the support of working with counsellors who themselves are in recovery and are very well aware of the high incidences of relapse, the minimising, shame and guilt that go along with this and the anxiety that this causes for the whole family.

24/7 Hotline Support From Professionals Who Know You

Professional support whenever you need it will only be a phone call away.  You will have access to our highly experienced Client Support Team, who you will get to meet when you join our programme – they keep abreast of your case progress via your focal therapist

When you are feeling anxious or scared or want to share your thoughts – simply call us and a friendly member of our team will be there for you – someone who can relate to the challenges you are facing and who can help you.

Online Family Session

Towards the end of the 4 weeks we will schedule a group session between your counsellor, yourself and members of your family, so they can get a better understanding of the difficulties you are facing, what has been achieved in the last 4 weeks and what are the challenges going forward. Your family will also see how they can help you, and also how they may have been enabling you in the past. This is a vital component of any programme and will help reconnect you with your family and loved ones and help you keep your recovery at the forefront of your mind.

Feedback to date suggests that overall clients have not only felt validated and supported emotionally, they have also developed their self-awareness, their coping skills and strategies, their psychological and emotional resilience and their sense of empowerment, self-efficacy, optimism and wellbeing.

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