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Life-Changing Drug Detox in the Hills of Beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand

Drug addiction is often forgotten when considering health issues but it is extremely dangerous and, if left untreated, can be deadly. Drug detox is part of a process of rehabilitation, and will help to ensure that recovery is effective and long lasting.

Detox isn’t necessary for every client, though it is beneficial to many who have become dependent on drugs. It’s essential that drug detox is undertaken in an expert environment, and that our clients are given the best care and support.

Our 5-star services are offered to you at a small fraction of the price of centres in the West. Indeed, the majority of our clients come to us from countries in the West, Middle East, and parts of Asia. We have everything you need here to detox from drugs, and start your journey to recovery.

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What Is Drug Detox, And Why Is It Needed?

Before beginning their stay at The Dawn Rehab, clients are assessed to see if you require a drug detox programme as part of your overall journey towards beating drug addiction. Physical dependence on drugs occurs when the central nervous system becomes tolerant to a drug.

Several factors will be taken into account when developing a clientai??i??s personal drug detox programme, like their abuse history, any medical issues they may have, and their age.

Medical expert making an assessment on a client at The Dawn rehab centre in Thailand

The Dawn is staffed with some of Asia’s most renowned addiction treatment counsellors and healthcare professionals, who are available 24/7 to assist in making your stay comfortable and fruitful.

Innovative treatment method to treat addiction at The Dawn Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Thailand

As a leading rehab, The Dawn incorporates technologies such as TMS Therapy, VR, and Biomolecular Therapy with traditional methods such as CBT, 12 step, and holistic treatment to create the most effective and rejuvenating treatment programme.

Luxury Accommodation

Our Lanna-style private room comes fully equipped and boast high quality teak furniture and bedding, with all the amenities you would expect in any 5-star hotel. You will enjoy the comfort of a king-size bed and private veranda that will make you feel at home.

What You Can Expect During Drug Detox In Thailand

Withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person, and will often depend on the type of drug they are withdrawing from, the amount they usually take, and the frequency at which they take it.

Clients are monitored around the clock by our medical staff and, whilst it will never be easy, steps are taken to make sure the drug detox is as smooth and effective as possible.

The body, and in particular the brain, will begin to experience physical and psychological symptoms after a certain period without drug use. It’s difficult to predict how long this timeframe will be, as every individual is different.

A more accurate duration of treatment can be given after an initial assessment. Our staff are trained to the highest standard in the US, UK and Australia, and are one hundred percent qualified to assist clients in their drug detox.

Luxurious Surroundings for a Complete Focus on Recovery

Whilst detoxing, what better place to recover than The Dawn Rehab, located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our drug detox centre allows clients to face their addiction in a safe, secure, and luxurious environment. As they begin their journey of recovery, we offer calming, relaxing vibes to ensure they can focus on beating their addiction.

All clients will receive an exceptionally personal experience, and will have access to our Lanna-style private room, complimentary Wifi, private verandas, a pool, smoothie bar, sauna, library, beautiful walking paths, and a personal daily maid service.

We often recommend clients take local excursions around Northern Thailand as part of the drug detox and drug rehabilitation programmes. Visiting mountaintop temples, taking a trek with elegant elephant, or zip-lining above the lust forest canopies and white water rafting will help to keep clients calm and take the focus away from feelings of withdrawal.

To ensure long-term positive change, we address underlying negative behaviours and reinforce positive behaviour.

Our integrated treatment is used to serve people with two or more mental health conditions or substance abuse.

We offer a structured online aftercare support to provide you with the care and guidance to overcome your addiction.

Relapse Assurance Policy

We believe in the services we offer at The Dawn Rehab. We wish the best for all our clients, and want them all to go on to lead fulfilling lives without the shadow of drug addiction hanging over them.

Any client that falls back into drug addiction after leaving us will be welcomed back for 30 days, where we will work to identify the reasons behind the relapse, and guide them back to a healthy, addiction-free lifestyle.

Why You Should Choose The Dawn Rehab Thailand

High Quality

Highest Trained & Qualified Clinical Team | High-End Luxury Facility | Cutting Edge Treatment.

Exclusive & Personlised

Tailor Made & Individualised to identify and meet each one of our client's personal needs.

Ethical Standards

We care about our client's long-term Recovery & Success. We believe in our program so much, we offer a Relapse Assurance Guarantee.


Licensed onsite medical facility providing the proper medical assistance for all detoxes.


We offer the highest quality care and service to ensure all clients are well supported.

Luxury Accommodations

Comfortable and private settings in a world-class and beautiful riverside facility.


“Incredible Wellness. I have been in residence at The Dawn Rehab, and have had amazing results after several weeks. I plan to extend my stay. My private room and villa are very comfortable. I feel safe, secure, and enjoy walking the tropical gardens daily. Highly recommend, I especially enjoy the fresh food, yoga, meditation, and program tailored to my specific needs. The staff and team are very professional and sincerely care about my recovery”.

M. O. Pugh

“I stayed at The Dawn for almost a month, from New Year’s Day 2017, until the end of January. The place was wonderful, the food incredible, and the staff was very kind and supportive. I’d struggled with alcoholism for my entire adult life, and this was the first step to my recovery. I’m 6 months sober now”.

J. Coffey


A new way to live.

A new day to start.

High Quality

Highest Trained & Qualified Clinical TeamHigh-End Luxury FacilityCutting Edge Treatment

High Quality

Highest Trained & Qualified Clinical TeamHigh-End Luxury FacilityCutting Edge Treatment

High Quality

Highest Trained & Qualified Clinical TeamHigh-End Luxury FacilityCutting Edge Treatment

The Dawn Rehab is not only beautiful, but incredibly effective. They changed my life.


The Dawn Rehab is not only beautiful, but incredibly effective. They changed my life.

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