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My time at The Dawn

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Before coming to The Dawn I was a complete mess and felt broken inside, I had just broken up with my girlfriend and was not allowed access to see my child. I thought my life was over and even thought of suicide on some occasions. I was suffering with depression and very scared about spending 28 days in a treatment centre far away from home. When I arrived at The Dawn I was greeted by the director and support team who shook my hand and said “you are going to be alright” I will never forget the guy saying that and I went on to build a good relationship with him through my time at The Dawn.

I remember waking up on my first day and having a healthy breakfast before taking part in Yoga before my first ever counselling session. I didn’t know what to expect throughout my time at The Dawn because it was all new to me, but I just listened to what everyone suggested to me and attended everything on offer. My first week was difficult due to sleepless nights and anxiety attacks during the night, but I’m so thankful to the support night staff for being there when I needed them and I will miss the 2am chats.

My time at The Dawn was an eye opener and taught me to stop running away from my problems and learn new ways how to deal with problems. I learned so much about myself and I can say that in such a short time in rehab, my confidence has increased and I have found a purpose in my life. I realise now I need to take responsibility for my life and that I’m never alone. My overall experience at The Dawn was amazing and cannot thank everyone enough, for being there for me and providing good food, physical exercise, group sessions and counselling sessions. I will miss riding elephants as it was just a great experience but will miss the other clients and staff.

Thank you and god bless,



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