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Impulsive sexual behaviour is a warning sign of a sex addict

6 Warning Signs That You Might be a Sex Addict

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Sex addiction describes a very real and challenging form of behavioural dependency. While enjoying sex is normal, sex addiction takes it to another level. For example, it can cause a person to have a strong desire to watch porn, have sex or masturbate. A sex addict is someone who cannot control their impulsive behaviour and whose life becomes negatively impacted because of their addiction.

A sex addict’s behaviours and feelings cause a lot of shame, confusion and hopelessness. It is also common for denial to accompany these feelings, even though it is clearly a problem that has gotten out of control. Sex addiction takes a lot of energy out of a person and can cause an array of issues in a person’s life, including relationship troubles, career problems, loss of interest in non-sexual activities and even legal issues.

Here are 6 signs you might be a sex addict

1. You are living a double life

Do you have a lover on the side? Are you regularly cheating on your partner? Is your sex life a big secret that no one knows about but you? Living a double life for sexual pleasure is a common sign of sexual addiction. While many people do cheat on their partners, the compulsion to have sex with others is abnormal. Having a secret sex life can also indicate a problem. Ask yourself why you do not want to disclose your activities. You know you have a problem if you realise what you are doing is wrong, but you cannot stop yourself from doing it anyway.

2. You often look for sexual material

Being preoccupied with anything related to sex can result in a very limited existence. Constantly seeking out media that is only related to sex is another sign that you might be a sex addict. Watching porn on occasion, reading articles about sex or looking at nude photographs is one thing, but solely looking for sexually related content day in and day out is another. You could also be preoccupied with adult dating sites or other material that stimulates sexual thoughts.

3. Your personal relationships are compromised

The indicator that you are a sex addict occurs when you compromise your relationship with your partner, though it can also include your social and work circles. You may lie to your partner, cheat on them or be unfaithful in many different ways. Remember that being unfaithful does not just describe having sexual relations with someone else. You can be unfaithful in other ways, such as by attending X-rated movie theatres or going to strip clubs without your partner knowing about it.

4. You crave exciting sexual adventures

If the thought of having sex with the same person no longer excites you, you might feel the urge or attempt to find more thrilling encounters. This could take you down a risky path where you always require different stimuli for satisfaction and relief. If having regular lovemaking sessions with your partner here and there never satisfies you, your sexuality is in distress. Regularly looking for sexual variety tends to indicate an uncontrollable sexual issue.

5. You get in trouble with the law

Do you take part in activities that are illegal in many places, such as paid sex or sex in public places? While some activities are not punishable by law, they are still deemed offensive, such as voyeurism or indecent phone calls. If your sexual activities could get you into trouble, you could be a sex addict. It is not normal for sex to get you into trouble, particularly legal trouble. Plus, getting caught could ruin your relationship and your reputation.

6. You feel bad about your behaviour

Feeling negatively about yourself due to your behaviour is a clear sign that you need to get help. Your sense of self can be damaged by guilt, remorse, shame, depression or suicidal thoughts. These feelings can also lead to denial. Sex addiction, like any other form of addiction, is characterised by losing control of one’s life as a direct consequence of their addictive and compulsive behaviour. When you do something because you feel compelled to do it, you end up hating yourself for giving in to the craving, which causes a vicious cycle that can destroy your life.

The Dawn Sex Addiction Rehab Thailand

The Dawn Mental Health Retreat in Thailand offers a warm and welcoming community to support you while rebuilding relationships with people.

People often joke about sex addiction and make it sound like it is something fun, but it is not. Sex addicts are stuck in a damaging cycle that will not stop unless they realise they have a problem and get help, such as by going to sex addiction rehab.

Recovery from sex addiction is possible with professional care. Sex addiction treatment is similar to treatment programmes for alcohol and drug addiction. Clients usually receive sex addiction treatment in a rehab centre, just like the ones used for substance abuse treatment. During their time in rehab, they attend individual and group therapy sessions, work on realising what led to their sex addiction and are given the tools to live a healthy and happy life.

If you or someone you know is a sex addict, get help as soon as possible. Contact us The Dawn sex addiction rehab today to receive a no-obligation assessment to find out how we can help. You can also call us on one of our toll-free numbers.

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