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Tuning in to Recovery: Twelve Great Podcasts on Addiction

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Looking to learn more about addiction, but having trouble finding the time to do it? Podcasts are a perfect solution for gaining information, support, and perspective even when you’ve got a busy schedule.

Knowledge is a powerful tool in overcoming addiction, and learning more about the nature of addiction as well as its causes and impacts is encouraged by addiction counsellors to aid recovery. Podcasts are an incredible educational resource that cover a diverse range of topics and perspectives for people on the go who might not have time to dive into a book.

Whether you’re on your daily commute, cleaning house, or going for a walk you can tune in and learn more about any topic that piques your interest and relates to your specific situation or needs. For those moving past an addiction, or for friends or family playing a supportive role for someone in recovery, podcasts can provide a wealth of information and positivity. Here are a few to check out:

The Seltzer Squad 

Hosted by two friends based in New York City, this podcast is an honest, funny and modern take on recovering from alcohol addiction and maintaining sobriety. Jes and Kate take on a range of topics, from being the only sober person in a friend group, to the relationship between shame and addiction, to the challenges of maintaining recovery during the pandemic. If you are looking for a podcast that’s like a witty chat with great perspective, this is the one for you.

Positive Sobriety

Certified professional addiction/recovery coach David Hampton and author and speaker Nate Larkin co-host this inspirational podcast designed to shed light on all forms of addiction. With multiple episodes focusing on food and sex addiction, trauma, and co-dependency, listeners can better understand the nature of addiction and ways to make positive, sustainable changes towards recovery.

Recovery Elevator

Not sure if you have a problem with alcohol? This is the podcast for you. Led by author and speaker Paul Churchill, Recovery Elevator is all about helping people recognise when they have a problem and take practical steps towards recovery. Filled with stories and interviews with others who are living alcohol-free lifestyles, this podcast will make you feel seen, understood, and not alone in your journey towards sobriety.

Love Over Addiction

Specifically geared towards women who love someone struggling with addiction, Love Over Addiction focuses on helping women to heal themselves. It is common to become completely swept up in a partners’ addiction, and lose touch with one’s own happiness and sense of peace. This podcast helps women focus on recovery from their own issues and rediscovering joy, to the benefit of themselves and their loved ones.

You Are Remarkable

Certified success coach Jocellyn Harvey hosts this insightful, important podcast focusing on women recognising and embracing their own greatness. With some episodes specifically discussing sobriety, and others speaking on issues of personal development, discovery, and celebration, You Are Remarkable offers words of encouragement and a place for reflection for those in recovery.

That Sober Guy

Creator and host Shane Ramer’s recovery from a years-long drug and alcohol dependency inspired him to create his own popular podcast on addiction, That Sober Guy. Focused on promoting a healthy, sober lifestyle, this unfiltered, candid and often humorous podcast includes interviews from a wide variety of special guests including doctors, athletes, and celebrities on addiction and recovery.

My Child and Addiction: A Parent to Parent Podcast

This podcast is hosted by three fathers, all of whom have children battling addiction. Developed to provide support, encouragement and information to parents of addicts, topics include everything from exploring treatment options, to managing expectations, to dealing with challenges and trying different approaches. Listeners will also hear stories from a compassionate, understanding community of people going through similar struggles.

All In: The Addicted Gambler’s Podcast

This podcast starts with one man sharing his story of gambling addiction, and expands to look at problem gambling on a larger scale. The co-hosts bring in a range of guests, from academics, writers, doctors, judges, advocates and problem gamblers to better understand the root causes of problem gambling, harm caused by gambling addiction, and resources available for treatment. This is an important podcast for those questioning their relationship with gambling, or a concerned friend or loved one.

Sober Families

The Sober Families  work both to instill hope and build skills to help a loved one with addiction, and to heal families affected by drug or alcohol dependency. Podcasts focus on the development of critical tools like communication and motivation, as well as understanding the broad impacts of addiction on the person with a dependency and the rest of the family unit.

Sex, Love, and Addiction: Healing Conversations for Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Men

Licensed psychotherapist and sexologist Dr. David Fawcett hosts this podcast which focuses on a range of current concerns related to addiction and co-occurring disorders for gay, bisexual, and transgender men. Dr. Fawcett’s work includes treatment of “chemsex,” or the pairing of substance use with sexual behaviour. Guest experts on the podcast are also featured to talk about key issues such as gay marriage and relationships, HIV/AIDS, and stigma, with a focus on healing and recovery.

Breaking Free: Your Recovery. Your Way.

This wide-ranging podcast explores every nuance of recovery, from what it means to be in the process of addiction recovery, to the things that hinder recovery like stigma, disempowering language, unhealthy relationships and boundaries, diet culture, and trauma. Focusing on moving past shame and limitations and embracing one’s own identity and goals, Breaking Free is an excellent choice for those looking to take ownership of their recovery.

Opiate Recovery Podcast

This unique podcast allows the listener to tune in to a support group facilitated by an addiction counselor for people with addictions to heroin or pain pills. The podcast helps highlight the ways in which opiate addiction is similar to and different from other dependencies, and features the stories of those in recovery. Opiate Recovery Podcasts are useful for those interested in learning more about opiate addiction, as well as those in recovery interested in listening to shared experiences.

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