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Asia’s Leading Luxury Addiction & Wellness Facility Ideal for physical, Spiritual and Mental Healing

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Located in Chiang Mai

In Northern Thailand, The Dawn is a unique wellness facility to help people suffering from anxiety as well as other mental health issues such as substance abuse, depression, PTSD and trauma. Providing a wide range of traditional and alternative therapies, The Dawn’s residential wellness programme ensures that clients feel secure and supported throughout their stay. Individuals are removed from the stresses of everyday life while they work to identify the root causes of their challenges and learn coping skills. They have the time to focus on what truly matters recovery.

Effective Sex Addiction Treatment at The Dawn

Our Unique Anxiety Treatment Programme

Anxiety disorder can severely impact many areas of life including relationships, employment, social interactions and physical health. The Dawn recognises that clients experience their anxiety in a way that is unique to them and our tailor-made programmes are responsive and flexible to ensure they are meeting client needs every step of the way. The individual programmes also co-treat other mental health conditions using the most effective therapies combined with therapeutic methods such as psychodrama, art therapy, and somatic experiencing. Our team of Western-trained therapists is the best in the field and focused solely on our clients and their success.



A mixture of Eastern and Western methods to ensure that our clients get all the tools that they need to lead a happy life.

Effective Sex Addiction Treatment at The Dawn


A complete lifestyle transformation through our personalised treatment that is tailor-made to suit each individual’s needs.

Effective Sex Addiction Treatment at The Dawn


An integrated approach to treatment for individuals suffering with substance abuse and mental health issues.

What Our Anxiety Recovery Retreat Entails 

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Assist clients in mindfully recognising and getting in tuned with their negative thoughts, feelings and bodily sensation patterns.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

A common form of talk-therapy, CBT helps individuals identify negative thoughts and behaviours and learn healthier skills and habits.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

A technology that uses magnetic waves to gently stimulate nerve cells in the brain and helps improve the symptoms of anxiety

Why The Dawn is Your Best Choice for Anxiety Relief?

Intensive private and group counselling sessions

Cutting-edge and innovative treatment

Licensed team of Western-trained clinicians

Anxiety relapse prevention plan

Inclusive of couple or family therapy

Private accommodation in world-class facilities

Complimentary holistic wellness therapy

Affordable, all-inclusive fees with flexible payment options

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What Makes Us Stand-Out From the Others

10 TMS Sessions Per Week

1:1 Staff to Client Ratio

24 Hour Medical Staff on Site

2 Private Gym Sessions Per Week

3 Private Therapy Sessions Per Week

2 Private Yoga Sessions Per Week

Accommodation & Facilities

  • The Dawn Accomodation & Facilities IncludesLuxurious private accommodation with
    an en-suite bathroom
  • The Dawn Accomodation & Facilities IncludesA king-size bed with private veranda
  • The Dawn Accomodation & Facilities IncludesA swimming pool and sauna
  • The Dawn Accomodation & Facilities IncludesPoolside lounge areas
  • The Dawn Accomodation & Facilities IncludesDVD and book library
  • The Dawn Accomodation & Facilities IncludesHi-speed internet and computer room
  • The Dawn Accomodation & Facilities IncludesDaily meals prepared by an onsite professional chef
  • The Dawn Accomodation & Facilities IncludesDaily housekeeping and laundry service

Our Location

The Dawn is strategically situated in Chiang Mai, the cultural heartland of Northern Thailand. Located on the Ping River with mountains rising up in the distance, Chiang Mai’s physical landscape and pleasant weather year-round provides for an environment that is highly conducive to healing and allows many opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities to complement the recovery process.

As the second largest city, Chiang Mai is also a major port of call for travellers and enjoys easy connection from Bangkok and other Asian cities. With daily domestic and international flights, getting here is extremely convenient from locations across the globe.


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